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4th Accupunture Treatment

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 10/01/03 at 12:24 (131837)

The latest treatment was the Saturday before last in the AM.

The doctor ended up putting 3 pins into my left foot. He said
'We're going to be a bit rougher this time since things are

This sounds weird but it REALLY WORKED. Some of you know me on here for years, I tell the truth.

The good doctor put a pin right into the most painful area, the inner arch area, along side of the ankle. The needle actually pulsating up and down since it was in a vein. My foot was SORE in that area the whole time, it was a bit uncomfortable but I was able to bear it. It was rather freaky.

He then came back in 20 minutes later, took 2 pins out...thrid one, he squeezed 'bad blood out'. It came right out! (Weird I know). Not a lot of blood. The needle was so small, it did not keep bleeding after that.

I took it easy that day but then ended up going to the Duran Duran festival (Now & Zen concert with Seal & some other bands) in Golden Gate park. I walked all around SF in the HILLS...I was able to stand and sit for 30 minutes, then walked and stood in line for 50 minutes after they opened the parK (took us 50 minutes to get into the park). My foot was able to handle it since I was out on the grass mostly.

I also was able to do something I have not been able to do up to now...go pay my traffic ticket in the traffic court of Santa Clara. Did this last week...stood on HARD FLOOR for over 30 minutes. My left foot felt like it would give out and did have little spasms however no foot cramp! I did it! I paid the ticket! (I had no choice since the court told me over the phone they WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO pay it over the phone. I had to come in person to clear up ticket and get something called an abstract to bring to the DMV to get my license renewed). DMV let me make appt so hopefully I will not go through this again (waiting forever on HARD FLOOR-scary for me).

The grocery store no longer puts me into terror. I still get a little uncomfortable standing in line, however I go to one that has shorter lines near my house and it is all right. No more online shopping for me!

The bottom line is after this latest treatment...I went from a pain level of 7-8 in my feet standing in line...to more like a 4-6. It really helped!

As a daughter of a doctor, I am skeptical (so is my mother the doctor, however she is so thrilled I am NOT getting more cortisone that she has no problem with the needles), however Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years...they must know something!

I get another 'rough' treatment Saturday morning. I am a big baby (cried when I got my first cortisone shot in my foot) and I can handle the accupunture, so if I can handle it, anyone can.

Just letting you know, I found it extremely helpful (some of you wanted to know how it was going). :D

God bless!

PS: I still have plans to make a foot success website, and am talking to a web designer. I will keep you all posted on that as well too.

Re: 4th Accupunture Treatment

marie on 10/01/03 at 16:29 (131865)

Well it sounds like things are going well! If you can survive a Duran Duran festival it must be helping. I will be interested in the longevity of accupuncture. Keep giving us these wonderful reports. I'm very interested.

Thanks, marie