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Any one else have a problem at airports

Posted by Susie on 10/01/03 at 15:50 (131860)

Any one else have a problem with the security at airports and being asked to remove your shoes?? After 3 surgerys for an infection in my foot and RSD also ( which I think was caused when working as a flight attentdant and having to remove shoes even prior to 9/11 and yes I understand the need for security) . I researched this before a recent long haul flight to Europe and find it is not mandatory. Even so at 3 USA airports I was told to remove my shoes and walk thru screening. Even asked if I could stand on a magazine while my shoes were screened!!When I said no I would not go bare foot I was told I was subject to full body screening. OK so maybe I am just a little over the top in not wanting to do this but not prepared to take the risk. FYI I never saw this being done in Europe where security was fast and efficient.
Just wondered what you all thought of having to do this??

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Dr Z on 10/01/03 at 17:09 (131870)


Sorry to hear about your hassle. I just take off my shoes period cause if the alarm goes off then you have to wait and have every inch of you inspected. Wearing Sandels maybe helpful.

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/01/03 at 17:55 (131878)

They always make me take of my shoes at airports. Some patients have steel plates, screws, etc. in their foot and we offer them notes to give to security verifying the presence of metal in their body.

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Dr Z on 10/01/03 at 18:09 (131881)

I would always take them off without asking. I was standing in line and saw a pilot take off his shoes before he went thru the screening gate. He told just take them off it will save you time

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Rick R on 10/02/03 at 07:22 (131920)


I have been lucky so far. I'd be ok at this point but have had the thought go through my mind of how things would have been at one time for me or others in that severe condition. I probably have averaged only about 2 flights per month since 911 but have never been asked to remove my shoes. I was on a real streak there for a while getting culled from the herd on 5 flights in a row, but through it all, they never messed with my shoes. I only wear running shoes in the airport which I believe may be the primary factor. Or could be it's the smell, who knows. At any rate, I wonder if you could carry an extra pair of your favorite footware. If they would be so good as to check those out first, you might be allowed to change into them and hobble on through. It would be asking them to use common sense and perhaps break the literal letter of their rules but it might be worth a try.

I'll keep my eye out for you on the news just in case you create a bit of a stir.

Good Luck!


Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Aly on 10/02/03 at 08:09 (131923)

It helps if you use a wheelchair - they're a lot more understanding when you say you can't walk through in stocking feet b/c it hurts too much. It depends on the screener - some have made me go through anyway (but I had my friend move the wheelchair right to the other side to quickly sit in)and some have let me go through with shoes, and then they have me remove them while seated on the other side, so they can scan them.

I say it's best to try to explain your situation - you have nothing to lose, and if you have an understanding screener, you'll save yourself from a lot of pain!


ps One of the few positive parts of needed to use a w/c, I've found that using a wheelchair in the airport can get you to the front of all sorts of lines - I've bypassed huge crowds & gone straight through customs in the staff lane, I get on the plane first - my family loves to travel with me in the chair! If you don't have your own and want one just for the trip, to save your feet from the damage of all that airport walking, all airlines have them available & will take you to the gate & arrange for someone to meet you at the gate when your plane lands. (And if your feet are REALLY bad, they have chairs that can get down the aisle of the plane, right to your seat.) Something to consider for those of you with bad PF who will be traveling over the holidays...

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Buck T. on 10/02/03 at 11:27 (131947)

I was wondering about help getting on the plane. Many airlines are using smaller planes now where you walk out on the tarmack and then climb some steep metal steps up to the plane door. Then there's the problem of getting off the plane in reverse. This is my experience flying to Canada.

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Aly on 10/02/03 at 11:35 (131948)

You might actually call the airline that you're flying and see what they can do - they have people who can help in such situations. When I went, I had them take me to the steps & I walked up, but that was before I knew about the wheelchairs that fit down the aisles - I don't know how they handle it with those small planes, but they must have a plan in place.

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Susie on 10/02/03 at 18:39 (131997)

Now getting on and off planes I can help you with especialy the smaller jets. All it takes with a wheelchair or any other assitive device and a call to the airline for assistance. As an ex flight attendant I remember the struggles of some passengers who hadnt called ahead.
Now someone just needs to come up with a shoe to get you thru security , maybe I'll quit my job and design one. Now thats a nice thought.

Re: Any one else have a problem at airports

Rose on 10/02/03 at 19:35 (132005)

Yes, I had to remove my boot, after surgery, when I was in a wheel chair and walk through the gate. It hurt a lot!!!!!!