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Z Coil Shoes

Posted by Necee on 10/02/03 at 00:24 (131912)

I'd appreciate thoughts from those who have tried Z Coil shoes before.
I mostly wear Birks, but find that they are too hard, even with the soft foot beds.
I'm wondering if it takes a while to get use to the spring-action heel.
Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Happy trails to you.........


Re: Z Coil Shoes

Carole C in NOLA on 10/02/03 at 15:24 (131963)

I've never tried Z Coil shoes, but they do sound different. I wonder if walking in them is like bouncing on a pogo stick! LOL Probably not, but my imagination is working overtime.

When my Birkenstocks feel too hard for me, I wear my New Balance 991's for a while. They have a lot of cushioning, so they are better for me if I'm going to be walking a lot on hard surfaces.

Carole C

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Suzanne D. on 10/02/03 at 19:55 (132012)

Necee, I can remember Z-Coil shoes being discussed here before although I can't remember the specifics. It seems like maybe they were thought to be too unstable, but I can't trust my memory on that one. Perhaps a search of the message boards on Z-Coil Shoes would bring up some good information for you.

I know what you mean about the Birks (even the soft footbed styles) sometimes feeling too hard. When my feet are rejecting the Birks, I wear my SAS shoes with the Superfeet inserts. Have you ever tried SAS Free Time shoes?

I hope you find something that helps you when Birks don't feel right.
Suzanne :)

Re: Z Coil Shoes

dave r on 10/03/03 at 07:28 (132039)

I have a pair of them. They are very comfortable to walk in. But i will say that they seem to make my symptoms flare up. So i dont wear them anymore. they are a size 9. If you want them let me know. I will send them to you...

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/03/03 at 11:14 (132063)

I have a pair of them. They raise your heel fairly high. Good on flat surfaces but difficult to use on hills. The springs can get caught on things -- rungs of ladders, stools -- be careful.

I think they are okay for intermittent use. Overuse of the shoe would be like using a high heel shoe, achilles may tighten which is not desirable in PF.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/03/03 at 11:18 (132065)

Rocks get caught in springs too so I would stick to flat paved surfaces.

Re: To Dave R. and others Re: Z Coil Shoes

Necee on 10/03/03 at 23:01 (132142)

Thanks a bunch for your response to my question.

I would never have thought that things might get caught in those little coils. I did look at some pictures of Z Coil shoes, and they do look awefully highheeled for me.

Dave, if I wore a size 9 I just might take you up on your offer...but, I wear a size 10, thanks anyway.

I wear New Balance athletic shoes, since I have a wide foot they seem to have more room in the toe box than other exercise shoes. New Balance seems to have such a big selection to choose from, which leads to my next question, which ones are the best? Is it true that the higher the number, the better the shoe?

Happy trails to you.....


Re: To Dave R. and others Re: Z Coil Shoes

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/03/03 at 23:37 (132145)

Higher numbers in the New Balance line correlates to price but not always the better shoe for the needs of a particular individual. For example, the 1122 is probably their best motion control shoe with the 587 running a close second. The 1220 is a good model but not a motion control shoe, needed by a lot of PF sufferers.

Re: To Dave R. and others Re: Z Coil Shoes

Carole C on 10/04/03 at 10:58 (132169)

Necee, New Balance categorizes shoes on its website, and I sincerely urge you to go over what they have to say before buying an NB running shoe. There is no one shoe that anyone can say would be right for you; if you have flat feet and severe overpronation, you would need a different shoe than if you had a high arch and less pronation. If we have found out one thing on this message board it is that PF can and does affect people of many different foot types.

Some NB styles that PF sufferers and doctors have praised on this board in the past, are:

* The 1120 (now 1122 I think) for people with the severest overpronation; if you feel that you got PF from severe overpronation in your gait this one would be good to consider.

* The 854 is also for people with a serious degree of overpronation and John H really likes this one, as I recall. When I tried the 854 on it was wonderfully supportive and an amazingly comfortable shape for my foot, but it had absolutely SCARY effects on my gait, and I had to return it.

* The 991 is very popular for those like me with some mild to moderate overpronation and who need a lot of cushioning too. This one is great for me.

* The 879 is a neutral cushioning shoe that is great for some people, for example those with high arches who also don't overpronate. DonnaSL likes it. I tried it and it was not good for me, despite my need for cushioning. The heel was too loose and the shoe just never fit my foot right.

If you are getting an NB running shoe, be sure to try on one with the SL-1 last and one with the SL-2 last, if you can. They fit very differently from each other and you need to make sure you have your favorite last. I am much happier with the SL-1 last than the SL-2 last.

Good sites for reading about New Balance are http://www.newbalance.com and http://www.roadrunnersports.com . I would recommend buying your first pair in a store where you can try on various styles and walk around for a while in any that you are considering. If that isn't feasible, then I would suggest an online source with a liberal return policy.

Hope this helps.

Don't forget to vote, if today is election day there as it is here!

Carole C

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Tim M on 10/06/03 at 11:16 (132429)

I've been using a pair of Z-CoiLs for almost two months for my heel spurs. I have had good luck with them, I am almost pain free. I stretch regularly anyway so I don't know about the achilles tendon problem mentioned in other posts here. I have purchased a second pair, a set of hiking boots, and you can get covers for the springs so objects can not lodge in them.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Necee on 10/08/03 at 01:51 (132754)

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to respond to my question.
Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Happy trails...


Re: Z Coil Shoes

Carolyn L on 10/11/03 at 17:24 (133645)

You can visit the Z-CoiL website at http://www.zcoil.com to find out more about the shoes. Z-CoiL's have provided good results for many with PF., howevert it does take time. My personal experience has been it takes two to three weeks for the symptoms to diminish.

The shoe addresses the three areas of walking. The coil protects and gives you cushioning when striking the ground, the orthotic gives you stability and evens out pressure and the rocker bottom front (3/4 inch of neoprene rubber)protects the forefoot at toe off.

For those of you worried about things getting stuck in the coils if it is small enough to get in it is small enough to get out. The company does warn you not to climb ladders and to be careful around wires and hoses.
Other than that I think you would find these shoes to be very helpful.

For the gentleman who is having pain with his shoes I would recommend you take them back to where you bought them for further customizing or refund, but please don't give them to someone else.
Everyone needs to be fitted by someone trained to do so.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Carolyn L on 10/11/03 at 17:29 (133647)

In regards to shoe being like a high heel. It looks like a high heel when it is not loaded, but once you step on the coil it compresses nearly an inch and with the 3/4 inch neoprene forefoot it comes very close to being a flat shoe. I understand it is like wearing a shoe with a half inch heel.