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Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

Posted by Tessa D. on 10/02/03 at 19:36 (132006)

Hello everyone1

I'm sooooo happy I found this site! I had my surgery on May 8th of this year, I had no idea what I was in for as I'm finding out the recovery is very gruelling and long. I had 3 procedures on my left ankle AND foot, all done in one surgery! I'll give you a little history first.
I'm 39 and on my feet all day at work doing physical labor and a lot of standing. Workmens comp has paid for my medical. I started having heel pain first. The workmens comp. Doc gave me a cortisone shot and I almost PASSED OUT from the pain. He injected my foot straight up the bottom of my heal (picture stomping on top of a nail!). I refused more shots from him because after the first shot I could hardly walk for 2 weeks, my pain was worse then before. I was referred to my foot doc who talked me into 2 more shots but they too gave me no releif. He is very skilled at giving injections, I only felt a tiny pinch of pain, thank goodness! He restored my faith in Doctors.
We tried heel cups, anti-inflamatory drugs and custom orthotics, and of course a lot of ice packs. I'll continue in next post.........