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Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

Posted by Tessa D. on 10/02/03 at 19:48 (132010)

I'm back again. Went to a orthopedic doc who said I had the following........

1. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
2. Os trigonum syndrome
3. Plantar fasciitis

They did the following procedures in 1 surgery...

1. Plantar fasciotomy
2. Partial excision of talus
3. Neurolysis, posterior tibial nerve
4. Ankle arthrotomy and synovectomy

My question is this, how long should my recovery take? I'm still having nerve pain and I'm wondering what these procedures are, in lay-men terms.I have some Idea but could you break it down a little? Thanks.

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

BrianG on 10/02/03 at 22:35 (132023)

HI Tessa,

I am not familia with all the procedures you had done, but I have to agree with you. You probably had too many at one time. Everyone's feet heal at differnt rates, it could take from a couple months, to over a year! I hope you have physical therapy lined up. Can I ask you a question? Did your doctor do any tests (like an MRI, bone scan, EMG?) before your sugery? Are you on any meds, from any of your doctors, for your nerve pain?

BrianG, not a doc

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

Tessa D. on 10/03/03 at 00:00 (132032)

Hiya Brian,

To answer your questions, yes I've Had Physical Therapy. 10 weeks total and I have regained full range of motion in my ankle. However I'm still not able to do a full squat from my knees. Something in my ankle stops it, scar tissue? I have a large mass along my 7 inch incision and I still feel the old nerve pain I had prior to surgery. I'm very aware of how I walk now because of my pain. I have stairs at my work and their a HUGE challege for me to climb or decend. I still have a tight and sore pulling sensation in the back of my ankle, I'm hoping with time it will GO AWAY! My POD x-rayed my foot,no other test were done. It seemed like he was not sure of what I had. My ortho Doc on my first visit layed out all my conditions. As for meds, I was given pain pills, percocet,darvocet and sleeping pills. The pain meds don't help,however valium did help with the nerve pain. I'm currently not taking anything. Do you have any suggestions for a good non-narcotic-not make you go to sleep pain med?

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

BrianG on 10/03/03 at 19:22 (132112)

Hi Tessa,

Finding a good non-narcotic pain reliever may take some time. You may have to try a few, at differnt strengths, with differnet combinations. Many doctors belive that a coctail of meds will work best, as there is no one magic pill that will work for every one.

You could try Vioxx, or Clebrex if your insurance approves it. I was on Vioxx, but my insurance took me off it, and put me on 800mg of Ibuprofen, 3 times a day. Talk about ruining your stomach!! Next you may want to add one of the anticonvulsants (Neuro Docs use these for pain). Three of the most popular are Neurontin, Topomax, and Dilantin. Lastly, I don't see why you can't take 5-10mg of Valium (Diazapam) beore bed. It's a small amount, but should help you to sleep.

Well, thats a start, something you can bring to your doc. My doctor never minded when I printed info off the Web for him. It's kind of a runing joke now. 'Hi Brian, what do you have with you, to educate me today'? hahahaaa.

Good luck

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

Tessa D. on 10/03/03 at 22:11 (132132)

Hi Brian

Thanks for your imput. I've heard about Voixx, have you taken it? If so, did it help with nerve pain? I heard and have read it does. What's going on with your feet and have you had any surgeries? Before my surgery, I had taken Neurontin and I had to stop taking it after 5 days. While at work, on this med, I felt like I was drunk, really! Slurred speech and I was really dizzy, but the worst side effect I had was this terrible 'brain fog'. I just could'nt think straight. I'm not taking that pill again! I will talk to the Doc (cute rhyme huh?) about Voixx. I see him for ANOTHER 6 week check-up on Oct. 17th, wish me luck! Oh, and some releif too!

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/03/03 at 22:22 (132134)

Vioxx is a good drug but more for bone and joint pain, much less for nerve pain. All drugs in the class that Neurontin is in can have the side effects you have mentioned. One thing to do is to start with a very low dose, develop tolerance and then move up. Neurontin is often prescribed in a 300 mg. dose/pill but does exist in a 100 mg pill that most can do okay with for starters.

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

Tessa D. on 10/04/03 at 00:25 (132149)

Thanks Dr.Ed Davis

I was wondering if you could reccomend a med for my nerve pain other than Neurontin? The Vioxx sounds like it would take care of my ankle bone pain, but could I take Neurontin with it? I'm really hoping for some pain releif as it gets depressing at times. In your opinion,is it common to perform 3 procedures all in one surgery? My pain is coming from three different places, my arch and heel,where they did the Plantar fasciotomy. Deep inside my posteroir ankle joint, where they excised the Os trigonum. And finally my tarsal tunnel, where they decompressed my nerve. I hope I'm not coming across as whiny, but my ortho doc seems unaffected by my pain issues. I would like to ask for some meds I know that will bring releif. I stopped taking Vicidin, it gave me headaches and no pain releif. I stopped taking naproxen as I felt. no different. How long do you think my recovery will take? It's been 5 months since my surgery and I'm slowly coming along. How long for my nerves to regenerate? This has been life changing for me....sorry guess I am whinning!

Re: Too many procedures all at once, how long will recovery take?

john king on 10/04/03 at 20:43 (132229)

Neurontin is also prescribed as a mood stabilizer. People take up to 2000 mg a day. I know people who do this. I took it for nerve pain and it just knocked me on my a..!

john k