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Muscle Stimulator

Posted by john h on 10/03/03 at 10:35 (132054)


I was with my daughter who has a bad back today when she met with an RN representing RS Medical an electothearpy provider. She will be using a RS-4i Sequential Stimulator for a few months on a trial basis. This device is not worn on the body but is used at home using pads similar to Tens Pads and you use use up to 8 pads at once. The device is to control pain and to stimulate or retrain the muscles from going into spasm. According to the literature I have read is considerable stronger than a Tens unit and technologically differences in the way it blocks pain. Some insurance companies pay for it and some do not. People normally use it for a couple of months to see how effective it is. It is not a cure but you can read for yourself on the above link. The nurse who was explaining the device is married to a Foot and Ankle Surgeon who is the only one in Little Rock who uses the Ossatron. I saw him last year when he first got the Ossatron and at that time I knew more about it than he did. She said he was using the device in some cases to control PF pain. She showed me the pad placement which I cannot remember but included the calf and other places on the foot including the top of the foot. I will let you know how my daughters treatment with the device goes for back pain. You can do a search on the RS-4i Stimulator and find more info.

Re: Muscle Stimulator

Dorothy on 10/03/03 at 14:36 (132082)

I am truly sorry your daughter has back problems. An acquaintance of ours is having horrible back experiences this year, before and after surgery, just relentless pain and he lost his job, too - and now his docs are saying more surgery. I am concerned that he agrees to surgery too quickly rather than trying other routes, but then I hold back on offering suggestions because I know how horrible that pain is. We are reluctant to suggest anything because it is such a difficult area, but ohmygosh, I feel for him and for his family. Having had back stuff myself for a number of years, I feel deeply for anyone who has back problems. I used a TENS unit for a while, both in PT and at home, and thought it was helpful. It finally helped me to do OTHER things that I think actually helped resolve the problem pretty well. You weren't supposed to sleep with it on, but I did sometimes because any sleep then was a blessing. Just like you aren't supposed to sleep with a heating pad, but I did this week because the back is complaining. These days my back likes to yell now and then - like this week- but in general, it gets better and can be lived with; it has turned over its role to the feet!

This new device you are describing sounds interesting for the back and for PF and I, for one, will look forward to what you can tell us about it in the future. I hope it brings your daughter great, blessed relief. Back pain is a terrible thing - the Chicago Bulls' player's comments I wrote about yesterday reminded me of it when he said that going to the bathroom has become a 7-stage process for him, etc. When the feet are in rough shape, it is bad, but you can usually find some way or some place that allows you to get done most things that you need to do. When the back is bad, every little thing of life is suddenly a huge undertaking and everything seems overwhelming. I well remember the day - after a long time of troubles - when I was able to put on my own socks. It took me over an hour and I was down on my back on the floor, but I did it. It was one of many little victories that began to grow and grow. Well - good luck, John H.

Sorry for going on and on. I hope your daughter - and by extension, you and the rest of us here - find something really good to help.

Re: Muscle Stimulator

John H on 10/03/03 at 16:21 (132093)

Dorthy: you are not going to believe this. I did a search on this device and most medical reviews are very good but they can cost from $1700 to $2700. I found a brand new one with all the attachments, never opened on ebay. You normally get these with a Doctor's prescription. I am high bidder at $355. Where does a person get a brand new one to sell on ebay. I wrote him an email to ask a few questions and he obviously was very knowledgeable about the medical device. I guess if you can buy a kidney on ebay you can buy anything. This type of device only a very few people would be familiar with and would be unlikely to look on ebay. ??????

Re: Muscle Stimulator

John H on 10/03/03 at 18:47 (132106)

Dorothy: There I go again misspelling your name Dorthy. I told you I was a bad speller but I have a decent memory.


Re: Muscle Stimulator

Dorothy on 10/03/03 at 19:06 (132110)

Go John! That ebay competition can get fierce as the clock ticks down. I hope you win and get a good deal. You asked 'where does a person get a brand new one to sell on ebay...' and I often wonder that about lots of things there. We have bought things a few times there and had good experiences except for one. I have never sold there, but would like to. I'm a bit of a chicken about it because of the 'horror stories'.

You can't really buy a kidney, can you??? I thought ebay had rules against organs (non-musical type) and such. Oh well, I'm not in the market for a kidney - but how about a foot or two?? Ok, I've crossed the line!
Good luck, John H. So glad you're back here, by the way. Spell it how you want to.

Re: Muscle Stimulator

Dorothy on 10/03/03 at 19:18 (132111)

Maybe poor spelling denotes an otherwise active mind. I have a relative who is a brilliant - truly brilliant - physicist and professor of physics. He is in a league with the great minds and famous names in physics. He is a terrible, bad, awful speller. I have gotten a few e-mails lately from him and let me tell you, you would think you were the Spelling Champion of the World by comparison. He's a good guy. Good mind, good heart and good feet so far, but bad gut. His gut troubles him a lot. We all have our problems one way or another. I'll go with what I think is the Greek version of my name tonight just to mix it up a little bit more:

Re: Muscle Stimulator

John H on 10/03/03 at 19:28 (132113)

I have made 44 ebay transactions both buying and selling and all were perfect. You do get edgy when you are buying an expensive item like a computer or camera but everything was as described or new. Got to watch the history of the seller buyer as it tells a lot and if a person is certified on PayPal you can rest a little easier.

Re: Muscle Stimulator

Suzanne D. on 10/05/03 at 22:05 (132364)

I have noticed through 25 years in the classroom that spelling is either easy, almost second-nature or is incredibly hard for students. That's not to say that studying for spelling tests doesn't help - it does - but then when the students write, they often don't remember the correct spellings which they memorized for the tests.

I know this doesn't sound very scientific, but it almost seems to be like music - either you can carry a tune and 'feel' the beat, or you can't. Either you can spell - or you can't. It is almost like a 'gift' to me.

My grandfather was a smart man, but he could not spell well. I can remember as a child noticing on his wall a photo of our town square from days gone by with horses hitched to posts in front of the stores. He had written by hand below: 'pictur' taken around __________(I can't remember the date.)

Spelling was always easy for me, while my sister had more mechanical sense. (I don't have any!) She became a nurse and was head of intensive care at a big hospital, and she wrote in a chart something about the patient's 'leggs'. Someone teased her about it, and she replied, 'Well, you spell eggs, 'eggs', so why not 'leggs'?

And, Dorothy, we have a lady in our church whose name is Dorthula; everyone calls her Dot.

Suzanne :)

Re: Muscle Stimulator

Dorothy on 10/06/03 at 00:13 (132376)

Well, of course, everyone calls her Dot! Poor thing! You, with a lovely name like Suzanne, can be happy that you are not a Dorthula or Dorothy (I mean no unkindness to any other Dorothys here or elsewhere; it is just not MY favorite name.) I will make a confession now: Dorothy IS my first name but is not the name that I have always gone by. I was in some early grade in school when the teacher was calling roll the first day of school. She said 'Dorothy....' Silence.
She repeated 'Dorothy....' Silence. She then read looked at me, said my ENTIRE name, including the first name Dorothy - and I said, 'yes' or 'here' or whatever.. But I was completely shocked. I had never heard my first name before, if you can imagine. I went home and asked my mother about it and then it was discussed that evening again - at my initiation.
Apparently, there were some 'feelings' or opinions or something about the choice of that first name that was never used. So that was how I learned that I was a Dorothy. It still always sounds like the name of someone else to my ears. But for some purposes, it is ok. I have never 'felt' like a Dorothy so I only use it as an extra name and it comes in handy.

As for Dorthula - well, I think some of the most colorful, original and unusual names come from Kentucky - and I love 'em!

Re: Muscle Stimulator

john h on 10/06/03 at 09:11 (132420)

One of my teacher friends told me of a little boy in her class whose parents had named him Sexus. As in Sex-us. This is indeed dumb and can you imagine what he must go through on a daily basis.

Re: Muscle Stimulator

john h on 10/06/03 at 09:14 (132421)

I would wear garlic around my neck when aorung Dorthula. Come to think about it I might wear a flak jacket around Dorothy (just kidding Dorothy)!