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Bump on top of foot

Posted by Laura G on 10/03/03 at 14:29 (132081)

I have had a bump on top of my foot for years.
I had asked a doctor about it,but he rather shrugged it off after feeling around for a moment. So I was unconcerned.
Lately, when bumped it is slightly painful. Sometimes it is a slightly bruised color, other times it is normal colored.

I pushed around a bit, and what I found surprised me. It truly feels as if the bones in the top of my foot are missing, or broken at this exact spot and I would swear it's similar to a hernia. As if the 'stuff' below the bone is poking out. I can feel on my other foot exactly what is 'missing'
on my right foot.

Sometimes I also realize the pad of my foot feels funny when walking.. the area just under the toes in the typical footprint. It feels as if I'm walking on something.. and occasionally my toes are tingly. This is being handled by a diabetic diet tho, so I doubt it indicates anything about the bump but I felt it should be mentioned.

So..is there such a thing as a 'herniated foot' ??

Thank you!
Laura G.