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Re: Interesting!!

Posted by Rachael T. on 10/03/03 at 22:26 (132135)

I am glad Steve that you too were helped by the 'Brooks w/ a lift.' I am finding that I can go without the lift & just use my regular orthotics (Foot Management) with the Brooks. Maybe one day in the last 3 weeks, I threw in the lift as my achilles felt tight. I sometimes use the regular Brooks insole - but find it 'too soft' - over the past 2 yrs. of PF, I've grown comfy in corn footbeds~ even moreso than even my Foot Management Orthosis, which are a semi rigid orthotic. And, I really disliked my 'hard' orthotics from the pod. I continue to wear my Brooks & have been walking a trail, shopping, riding my horse, & feeling more normal. I am glad that my info was helpful to you - wish it could be helpful to more on this board....as living w/ PF is no fun! If you are still medicating - what do you take & how much? I take 400-800 mg. Ibuprofin daily & 10 mg. elavil at night. Somedays I can go w/o meds if I am not super active or just take just 200 mg. Ibuprofin. I, too, did ESWT, umpteen cort. shots, & several prs. of custom orthotics from the pod....the present orthotics were acquired thru a Phys. Therapist. Are you able to exercise now with the new Brooks & with your recent improvement? My husband (who doesn't have footpain & who was skeptical about my purchase of yet another pr. of sneakers) walks, golfs, & bikes - also bought Brooks this time just because of how much improved I was since I began wearing them & he knows all the things I've tried in order to improve.
I saw Aly is interested in the Brooks Shoes from her recent post......For her info so she doesn't have to search this msg. board, I am wearing Brooks Ariel #42100191 w/ a medium Sorbathane heel lift. I assume you are wearing Brooks Beast.

Re: Interesting!!

SteveG on 10/04/03 at 00:12 (132148)

Rachael - I have been able to walk more and use the exercise bike. The last time I tried the bike with my orthodics, I felt some pain the next day, so I gave it up for a while. However, with my recent improvement, I tried the bike for 5 minutes and did not notice any problems. After several days of 5, I have just moved it up to 10. I just feels nice to be able to exercise again. I have been using the regular insole with the Sorbathane heel lift. I wear Berks around the house.

I take 50mgs of Elavil at night, but I have been taking it for years after I ruptured a disk in my neck. I have not taken any anti-inflamatories for months. When I first read your message about the Brooks, I thought hey, why not give them a try - I have spend well over a 1000 bucks in the last year on shoes, shockwaves, etc. So I printed up your e-mail and went to this expensive shoe store and said I want what this lady has. He said I think you want the men's version (Beast I think) and told me he would set me up. My wife was also skeptical about another pair of shoes that were 'going to help my feet', but she has got used to nightsplints, Strasburg socks, tennis balls, expensive sneakers, custom and non-custom orthodics, etc. I really appreciate the tip on the shoes. That's what this message board is all about - trying different things and telling others about our experiences.

As noted earlier, the interesting thing is I have noticed more discomfort in my ankles. It does not appear to be the achilles, since I can press on the sides of the tendon and it is not tender - according to my Merck manual, this is one of the way you can see if the tendon is the problem. I don't know if it is due to the increase in activity? The muscles could have atropied to some degree. I have also been using my foot trainers for the last 2 months. I have read where Dr. Z has mentioned this as a treatment option for people that right in about ankle pain. The trainer has also made my feet stronger, so that may be one of the reasons they feel better, but, like I mentioned, the relief from the Brooks was noticable at the outset.

Again, thanks for the tip and the help, and I am pleased that you are doing better. Like you, there was a period about a year ago when I could not walk or stand for any period of time, and I am thankful for the improvement I have had. I hope you continue to improve and that will be able to do all of the things that you enjoy.

Re: Interesting!!

Tessa D. on 10/04/03 at 00:46 (132151)

Hi steve
I've read your post and was wondering what kind of shoes you were talking about. I'd love to get some. Who sells them, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks!

Re: exercycling

Carole C on 10/04/03 at 10:32 (132164)

Steve, am hoping to be able to ride my exercise bike soon! I originally got PF from riding it barefoot and poorly adjusted.

Last year I adjusted my exercise bike properly and tried riding it 5-10 minutes per day when I felt almost all better. I wore my Birkenstocks. Not a good idea...I guess the Birkenstocks flop around too much when biking. I had a relapse after a couple of weeks. Soon, I plan to try with my SAS and custom orthotics. I'm so encouraged to read a post by someone whose PF was bothered by exercycling, like mine was, and who yet has been able to overcome that.

When I tried exercycling for two weeks last year, I found that it really helped my badly arthritic knees! I felt much more capable of walking and standing without knee pain afterwards, which led to more walking and standing, more strengthening, more happiness, and so on. Unfortunately, as my knee pain decreased my PF pain returned. I'm eager to get back to exercycling but I'm trying to be patient until my PF pain is completely gone before I give it another try.

Carole C

Re: Interesting!!

Rachael T. on 10/04/03 at 14:56 (132188)

I see Tess is considering the Brooks shoe - as she questioned you about what you were referring to....well, I wish I had tried them 2 yrs. ago at my PF's onset - BEFORE it grew to its ugliest & worst pain - I am sure you know what I mean. I also wear Birks & like the cork footbeds - wished that orthotics were made of cork instead of the materials they are made from. Let's keep each other posted on how we're doing - seems like we are in the same category w/ pf for 2 yrs or so & now, finally, getting an exercise shoe that is allowing us to do some exercise....These are good things & Brooks w/ a lift as I call them - are good shoes!

Re: Interesting!!

Dorothy on 10/04/03 at 15:51 (132194)

Rachel ~ I have been reading your posts about the Brooks Ariel and found a site that sells them. That site has user reviews of the shoes and some said that the Brooks Ariel runs a little shorter than others and to buy a little larger size. Do you find that to be true?
Also, the sorbathane heel lift that you write about... does that come with the Brooks Ariel? Did you buy it separately? Is it OTC? Is it a brand name?
Thanks for any answers you care to give.

Re: Interesting!!

Rachael T. on 10/04/03 at 17:23 (132208)

I wear a size 8 shoe - & that is what size I bought in the Brooks Ariel. For me, I have found that it has a good sized toe box - more than other sneakers give to you. These shoes are NOT hour glass shaped soles....& the sales rep advised me to never buy a sneaker that has an hour glass sole shape. The sorbathane heel lift (has Sorbathane stamped onto it) - I purchased them at the same store that sold me the Brooks shoes....they advised me that it would help lessen my heel pain & overall footpain....I guess the lift comes in more than just medium, but medium is what was suggested by the sales rep/runner for me; & yes, it did work for me & has now for a couple of months - with more & continued improvement . This sneaker is the first sneaker I've worn w/ any amt. of comfort. Of late, I've been able to remove the lift & wear my orthotic in the sneaker only......If I wear the sneaker insole (on a day when my feet say they want some softness - which hasn't been many of late), I remove my orthotic (Foot Management make) & I add the insole w/ the lift - to TLC my feet......as I said, though, lately-maybe the past 3 or so wks., I have worn the Brooks with my orthotics & have been able to walk, bike, & ride horses more than I have in some time- (when horseback riding, I wear my orth. in my riding boots that are made by Ariat). The sales rep advised me to get a new pr. every 2-3 months--I am due & am planning on returning to Rapid Transit Runners Store in Penn State - which is a 3+ hr. drive for me....but they were more than helpful. What site did you find that offered Brooks? I hope they work for you!!!

Re: Interesting!!

Dorothy on 10/04/03 at 19:10 (132219)

Thank you, Rachel, for all the information. The site is zappos.com - the only site that I could find that has Brooks at all and Brooks Ariel specifically. However, now that you have described how you obtained the heel lift, I'm not sure where to start looking for that...but I'll give it some thought and figure it out. When you say 'heel lift', do you mean one of those half-insert/just the heel area/heel cups type?? I guess I'm not sure what a heel lift is, other than the obvious, something that lifts the heel. Zappos.com did have good descriptive information about their shoes plus customer reviews - and there were other customers who agree with your positive assessment of the Brooks Ariel. When you say Penn State, do you by any chance mean College Station, PA?
Sorry for all the questions and if you don't feel like going over it all again, I understand. Thanks for all the info. you have already provided; I appreciate it.

Re: Interesting!!

Rachael T. on 10/04/03 at 21:32 (132239)

NOT a problem to ans. your ?s!! Honestly, if this helps anyone as much as it has helped me do activities & exercise - I am happy! Yes, the city where the store is located is State College, Pa. & the store's name is Rapid Transit Sport Store, at 115 S. Allen Street. Bret is the guy who took really good care of me - by making me try on different shoes w/ different insoles; walking outside up & down the street on cement sidewalk. He spent probably 45 minutes with me!!! I am not telling any tales on that at all!! Now, about the 'heel lift' - it is not a heel cup, but is the size of a heel cup in dimensions, but offers more height..it would be similar to the base of the heelcup - but is padded w/ some really comfy, but yet it is somewhat a more firm material.....on top of the pad is a soft nylon covering...& on the bottom is a rubbery base. (I know this describes it in a very rough, non-descriptive manner; I am sorry on that! I shall try online searching for Sorbathane & see what comes up....& if I find anything, I will advise. Where are you from? Is Penn State University near you? If so, make the trip to their store or if it is not close enough, try a good shoe store that specializes & assists runners, as Steve (who is now using these w/ success also did). I checked out the online site for Brooks - & I do believe that the Rapid Transit Store at State College, Pa., was cheaper & my 'lifts' weren't pricey either. Good luck!

Re: Interesting!!

Dorothy on 10/05/03 at 02:45 (132271)

Rachel ~ You are so helpful and your enthusiasm is catching!
No, I am not near College Station, but I visit Pittsburgh relatives fairly regularly which is about ? 2 hours ? from College Station, I think. Anyway, my husband really likes College Station and we wanted to plan a trip there sometime. So I'm not sure if I will go for the shoe/heel life before making such a trip because that trip is not in any definite plans. And I say, thank you again.