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Continuing our fibro discussion, Shell, John and others!!!

Posted by Pam S. on 10/04/03 at 22:39 (132249)

Hello all:
First of all, that was so interesting what Dr. Z added that he feels the fibro is more likely to be a contributor to Shell's PF coming back in spite of having the Ossatron. Shell, here's hoping this second round works longer. You never know until you try..right. Probably if I had never had the TTS surgery I would still be wondering if I SHOULD HAVE. I just like to FIX things right away. I am over that now! HA

I would like to understand where else you are having pain. I have gotten benefit from flexerile. I wanted to expain my advice about splitting meds in half. Being a nurse you understand you would never do that with an antibiotic. But with these sleep meds etc you can play around with it a little bit. My pharmacologist taught me that. She started me out on only l/2 of the Lexapro. Now I alternate every other day. I sometimes take a quarter of the flexerile and it really helps my back and even bladder spasms. (I hope no one who might KNOW me never reads this)

We have discussed on these boards before how pain is depressing. You can get depressed so easily when you are dealing with all this. Pay attention to that. I really like the Lexapro. I hate taking meds but it has truly made such a huge difference. I wonder how it makes you feel the pain less? I know what you mean about emotions. I do like feeling calmer. I too have had maybe two panic attacks. I thought I was having a stroke and I called 911. What a day that was. I do not cry much but that's ok. I feel more in control. Otherwise, I get obsessed with myself and worry so much I cannot sleep. I am really not a weirdo. I just have always worried so much. I understand more is coming out about serotonin reuptakes and how they help people with pain.

You know, this fibro/foot pain etc.is not the end of the world, but who would believe how much it affects your quality of life.

Understand this time of year is not great if you live in an area with a change of seasons. We are truly sensitive to that. Even the time change with less sunlight. I have a light box but I am too lazy to use it. My other friend with fibro swears by it. She has one she wears and it is a visor that lights up. My 15 year old would DIE if I put that on in the morning.

Try to pay attention as to WHY you may be worse these last few days. Was there anything different? I have really benefited from massage but I am getting tired of paying for it. It just really helps your muscles. Since you have PF, It is especially important to keep you calves massaged. You can even buy a roller and roll it over your calves.

Basically, we just need to devote our lives to keeping ourselves stress free, be independently wealthy so we can hire a cook and house cleaner. Maybe even a driver. RIGHT?

On a more serious note, YOU WILL GET BETTER. I am SO MUCH BETTER. I still have my days but I no longer feel like I am doomed to be in pain the rest of my life. I am bummed about the foot thing. That really bugs me and I do think there is a chance I will have that to deal with. I am able to run around most all day doing errands, cook dinner, look for a homecoming dress with my daughter. I could not do this 3 years ago. So the way I look at it... I have made progress and life is just not going to be as perfect as it was. I just want to encourage you to take it one step at a time. First, see how it goes with your foot. Maybe try the Lexapro. It could help with pain also. Maybe John can expain how that works.

Take care. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Warmly, Pam

Re: Continuing our fibro discussion, Shell, John and others!!!

Dr Z on 10/05/03 at 09:08 (132292)

Does anyone have any experience with Chiropractic Care and fibro. I have heard some very positive experience from some of my patients

Re: Continuing our fibro discussion, Shell, John and others!!!

John H on 10/05/03 at 10:36 (132296)

If there is one group of medical practioners who really seem to vary from one to the other it is a Chiropractor. Some claim to cure everything and some seem to stick to procedures that have been shown medically effective and you can find them in well respected medical facilities. Know your Chiropractor just like you know your surgeon.

Re: Continuing our fibro discussion, Shell, John and others!!!

Shell D. on 10/05/03 at 14:04 (132321)

Thanks again for all of your words of wisdom and advice. I've never been a big one for message boards, chat rooms, etc, but I have found SO much good advice on this site, I can hardly believe it! Everything that you've said is so true. I need to try to make some positive changes in my attitude and try to get the 'gloom and doom' attitude repaired. The rheumatologists have actually been telling me that they thought I had fibro since 1994, when I first started having symptoms. I've truly tried to deny this diagnosis up until now, so I think that may have something to do with my crummy attitude. I think I've allowed the reality to soak in and now I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. If I can just get my feet feeling better, that would be over half the battle!!! I'm constantly reminded of PAIN everytime I stand on my feet. I'm crossing my fingers over and over again that this OssaTron treatment will last longer than last time, but I'm also very thankful for the advice I've got from this site in case it doesn't work. At least I have a reason WHY.
You asked about where else I'm having pain? Mostly my wrists, ankles, sides of my legs and arms. My wrists feel like I have NO strength in the at all. Then it's almost like from my wrists to my elbows there's pain as if they were bruised, but they're not. Also along the sides of my thighs there's pain. If I rub down the sides of my thighs, I feel bumpy nodules that are very tender. I don't have to rub very hard and the next day I'll notice bruising where I had rubbed. Aside from the pain, the fatigue has been a big part of this too. I do feel like since I've been taking the Neurontin at bedtime, I'm sleeping better and not so tired during the day. HEY!! I just found a positive thing!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!
Before, I felt like I could shut my eyes and fall asleep anywhere at anytime, but now I don't have that constant feeling of exhaustion.
I've had headaches for several years, but only the past 3 years have I had the migraines. I see a neurologist for this and the Imitrex seems to work if I get a migraine.
You mentioned season changes affecting the fibro. I'm definitely in a state where we see the changes..I agree with that 100%. I've noticed that before when the weather and seasons change.
Wouldn't it be great to be 'stress-free?' I'm one of those people who you would NEVER know if I was stressed or not! I guess I hide it very well. I tend to internalize it rather than getting it off my chest. That's also something I could work on. Not that I had a LOT of stress, but just like everyone else, I have my share. I'm a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an employee, etc etc. With all of those titles, comes stress. I think the NURSE in me has always made me feel like I had to be the 'fixer.' I don't like to delegate household duties and I'm finding that I'm having to do some of that on occasion. My children are 13 and 10, so they're old enough to help out around the house. My husband has been SO helpful these past couple of weeks. He's trying to learn about this just like I am. And when I have my 'melt-downs' he's a great shoulder to cry on. He's a very athletic, energetic, healthy, full of life, never misses a day of work due to illness kind of guy, so this is something unknown to him. But I must give him credit, he's been a great source of support.
I've never thought to try the chiropractor for pain. I've always been a little leary of chiropractors. I've known people who swear by them and have had wonderful results with back pain, headaches, etc, but I've just never tried it myself. I've just always been under the impression that they have you coming back over and over and over.
Again, it's been so helpful reading your posts, Pam and all the others. If you're interested in e-mailing directly, please let me know.
Have a great day. I need to get back to my daughter who's in bed with the stomach flu.....ick!:)

Re: Continuing our fibro discussion, Shell, John and others!!!

Pam S. on 10/06/03 at 23:54 (132549)

Dear Shell:
Hope your daughter is feeling better. I have been busy but I have not forgotten you. I want to answer your recent post when I have more time. If you want to post your e-mail I am happy to respond.

I do want to say now that I am also a little leery of chiros. I have been getting a type of massage called myofascial release which is very effective. You could be feeling trigger points in your legs. Look up http://www.myofascialrelease.com to learn more about that. Take care, Pam