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2" heels are helping!!

Posted by Kay S on 10/05/03 at 21:19 (132362)

After 2 yrs of PF, now have bone spur on left foot. Right foot healed. Was wearing Birks and NBs stretching, etc. (Have peripheral vascular disease and am on blood thinner, so cannot ice or take NSAIDS)--foot just worsening. Sometimes it felt like a knife was pointed toward the sky and I was standing on it. Pain was becoming torture. Latest pod said not to wear flat shoes. Nothing was helping! Out of desperation, put on a pair of clogs with 2' heels and wore them to work about 2 weeks ago. Immediate improvement!! No more knife!!! Still have first step pain, but even that is better!

Can anyone tell me why 2' heels are helping when nothing else would?

Don't anyone give up trying new things.. .

Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Dorothy on 10/06/03 at 00:18 (132377)

I am not a doctor, pedorthist, physical therapist or any other kind of medical expert. But I do love clogs and I wear them regularly, but not solely. They are part of my 'shoe rotation' and sometimes they feel like absolute heaven. My preference is for Dansko clogs. They have some arch support and are just generally comfortable. As to your question, I speculate that it is because it moves your body weight forward somewhat, off your heels so much and more onto the ball of your foot, just slightly but enough to give some relief. It must be the same principle as the heel lift in the shoe that Rachel and Steve have written about here, but with the clog the lift comes from the shoe height. I notice that SAS has a shoe that is almost a wedge-looking style and I wonder if that would also be comfortable, especially to the SAS afficiandos here.

Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Rick R on 10/06/03 at 06:59 (132400)


I believe the reason the 2 in heels are working is you are avoiding the normal tension a flat footed position puts on the PF. This may be worsening your condition for the long haul, by allowing a shortening of the plantar fascia. It's sort of the reverse of stretching. But the short term relief may be just what you need for now. Before surgery I couldn't stretch at all without a crippling effect. I knew it was the right thing to do, it worked great for my less severe heal. I hate to throw cold water on an up beat mood of which you may be in great need. Could be giving it a break for a while may work out.


Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Carole C in NOLA on 10/06/03 at 07:39 (132405)

I was told by the owner of a SAS shoestore that the SAS shoes recommended for PF are the Free Time (men's), or the Time Out (women's). They don't suggest just any SAS shoe for those of us with serious foot problems.

Carole C

Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Richard. C.Ped on 10/06/03 at 12:32 (132437)

You might have a short heel cord. If so, I can see how the heels could give relief that fast.

Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Aly on 10/06/03 at 13:02 (132441)

Hi Kay,

My podiatrist recommended trying heels - what kind of clogs are you wearing? Do you have high arches?



Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Kay S on 10/06/03 at 21:57 (132526)

Thanks to all who responded. To Aly, the shoes that are helping me so much are 'I Love Comfort' shoes from Sears. They're the only clogs in that brand. They're real cute, too. Yes, I think I do have high arches. To Rick--I hope I'm not doing myself any harm. I am still doing stretches--the towel thing before getting out of bed, Julie's gentle stretches and the wall stretch. It is just so great to be free of all that pain, but only time will tell whether the pain will return. I have my fingers crossed.

Re: 2" heels are helping!!

Dave on 10/08/03 at 16:59 (132908)

Good for you Kay! I've been wearing heeled boots (well over 2') for over 20 years and theres only been a plus side. Just keep up your regular stuff with the NB's, stretching etc.