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What happened to this post

Posted by Phil C. on 10/05/03 at 22:17 (132368)

There is nothing under Peter's post. This was deleted, I assume so fast by one of the board's censors, I never had a chance to read it.

Some thoughts from the ACLU:
It's the foundation of self-fulfillment. The right to express one's thoughts and to communicate freely with others affirms the dignity and worth of each and every member of society, and allows each individual to realize his or her full human potential. Thus, freedom of expression is an end in itself -- and as such, deserves society's greatest protection.

It's vital to the attainment and advancement of knowledge, and the search for the truth. The eminent 19th-century writer and civil libertarian, John Stuart Mill, contended that enlightened judgment is possible only if one considers all facts and ideas, from whatever source, and tests one's own conclusions against opposing views. Therefore, all points of view -- even those that are 'bad' or socially harmful -- should be represented in society's 'marketplace of ideas.'

It's necessary to our system of self-government and gives the American people a 'checking function' against government excess and corruption. If the American people are to be the masters of their fate and of their elected government, they must be well-informed and have access to all information, ideas and points of view. Mass ignorance is a breeding ground for oppression and tyranny.