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Physical Therapy - Mattes Method

Posted by Erik C. on 10/05/03 at 22:54 (132374)

I have been experiencing TTS for about 7 years, only got a good diagnosis about 2 years ago. I was scheduled for surgery, but insurance wouldn't pay, and I wasn't too keen on having my feet cut. So, no surgery. I was taking a lot of Darvocet just to put my feet on the ground each day and could barely walk.

After learning there would be no surgery, a friend recommneded me to a Physical Therapist who studied under Arron Mattes, of Florida. I had weekly sessions for about 6 weeks, with daily homework. This was a painful process at times and required a solid commitment to the exercises requireing several hours a day to be effective. This provided the best and only relief I've had. I'm still in pain, and am ultimately pursuing TTS surgery, but - I am very flexible now, my feet aren't purple all the time (only infrequently), and I only take Naproxin on my worst days, rather than Darvocet all the time. I definetly get periods of NO PAIN after diligent exercising, they are short lived periods, but keep me going. I have gone as far as I can with the 'Mattes Excercises', but they have been extremely helpful. I suspect that the work I've done is good preparation for the surgery and that I will be in good shape to work with a therapist post-surgery, or even on my own. Arron Mattes has a 'boot camp' for those who can afford a trip to Florida for a week of intense therapy, and a website, just do a search on google or yahoo. They may also be able to refer you to a Therapist in your area who uses his methods. My therapist was in the Washington D.C. area.
GOOD LUCK, and don't give up!

Re: Physical Therapy - Mattes Method

Sharon W on 10/08/03 at 13:02 (132813)


I don't know anything about the Mattes method of Physical therapy, or the Mattes exercises, but I'll try to remember the name and what you said about them! I'm glad that you have found this therapy so helpful, and that you took the time to share the information with us.

Thank you!

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