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Clarifying My Position

Posted by Scott R on 10/06/03 at 21:17 (132522)

Since visitors are still annoyed by my censorship of political topics, I guess I need to go into more detail as to why.

Heelspurs.com is meant for the benefit of sufferers of heel pain. Just as it is not proper, nice, or legal to stand up in front of an audience watching a movie to start discussing the extent to which President Bush is an idiot and ruining the future of the country for the benefit of his wealthy friends, it is not proper to harm heelspurs.com by distracting from the topic of heel pain. In particular, the social support board is supposed to help sufferers in various psychological ways. I do not believe discussing politics helps that goal.

Secondary to the nice policy is the long-enforced rule that posts should remain largely on topic.

After thinking a little bit about it, I decided it is OK for a moderator to not identify themselves as long as they are one of the two or three official moderators that I have selected.

Re: Clarifying My Position

Julius on 10/06/03 at 22:48 (132534)


Distracting from the topic of heel pain? PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD IDSCUSS EVERYTHING BUT HEEL PAIN. How does dumbing down the board help heel pain sufferers? Bonnie has heel pain and she wants to express herself so she get deleted. Dorothy has heel pain and she comes here to express herself and gets deleted. I guess Peter has heel pain. If he doesn't then he has a better sense of humor than half of this bunch.

I will fade back into the oblivion of readers who don't post here because we are not appreciated. I have heel pain and nobody will support me.


Re: Clarifying My Position

Lari S. on 10/06/03 at 22:49 (132535)

Having just found this site, I would like to think you for providing a link so those of us who have suffered with foot pain can 'meet' and relate.

I may be way out of line being new to this site, but I do have an opinion. Based on a few of the other threads I read on the social site, I would say that the posters are computer savvy enough to find other sites to fulfill their needs for politics and controversary. Social/support should be just that, support in a social atmosphere.


Re: Clarifying My Position

wendyn on 10/06/03 at 22:57 (132536)

I dug out my instructions for deleting posts.

I have no intention of getting carried away. I think the ones that need to go are self evident. Scott - I sent you an email.

Re: Clarifying My Position

Bob G. on 10/06/03 at 22:58 (132537)

Thanks, Scott, no wonder, if left to their own designs a few idiots would ruin this board for everyone. Somebody has to enforce 'nice' and 'on topic'...otherwise a few jerks would have their way with everybody. Thanks for enforcing the rules.

Re: Clarifying My Position

Phil C. on 10/06/03 at 23:02 (132538)

When people 'meet and relate' they talk about a range of subjects. Support in a social atmosphere is just not about making small talk.
It is insulting to the intelligence of heel pain sufferers to assume that they must focus on trivia only and cannot speak of issues that concern them.
Phil C.

Re: Clarifying My Position

wendyn on 10/06/03 at 23:03 (132539)

Phil - I think you understand better than most why that topic is off limits here.

Lari reflects the opinions of most of the people on this board.

Move on.

Re: Clarifying My Position

Phil C. on 10/06/03 at 23:04 (132540)

'Few jerks?' Bonnie, Dorothy, Ed, Peter just got deleted. Are they among the 'few jerks?'

Re: Clarifying My Position

Phil C. on 10/06/03 at 23:06 (132541)

How do you know that Lari reflects the opinion of most people on this board? Did you take a poll? Did you open the topic for honest discussion? How about all of those who don't regularly post and now will not since a few people wanted a big 'off limits' sign hung up here?
Phil C.

Re: Clarifying My Position

wendyn on 10/06/03 at 23:11 (132543)

Please drop the politics and freedom of speech posts.

Don't respond to this thread.

If anybody tries to start the flaming again - I will just take off the posts. Just move on.

Save your fingers for something more useful.

Re: Clarifying My Position

Lari S. on 10/06/03 at 23:28 (132546)


As I said, I am new to this site. I did not mean to insult the intelligence of those posting here, as I feel certain that they ARE intelligent enough to take specific topics to other boards where those wishing to expouse ideas on politics, religion, etc., can do so and engage in a lively debate. That doesn't preclude talking about a wide range of topics, just recognizing that politics and religion are not generally 'light, social topics'.

Re: Clarifying My Position

nancy s. on 10/06/03 at 23:58 (132550)

welcome to you, lari! please stick around -- there are many supportive, friendly people here. this particular board is going through a midlife crisis at the moment, but with responsibility, respect, and some luck it should make it out the other side.

again, a warm welcome to you.