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Breaking in orthotics?

Posted by francesc on 10/07/03 at 16:44 (132644)

Hi again,

I just got my first pair of custom orthotics last Thursday and I don't know if I overdid using them or if I just over-did things in general but, my PF feels worse instead of better. And it's not the typical PF pain but, it feels really achy the longer I'm on the foot.

Is this possible? Should I back off on the orthotics?


Re: Breaking in orthotics?

Jane on 10/07/03 at 21:44 (132726)

no.... sadly enough but fortunate it took a good YEAR AND A HALF before my orthotics worked. When I wear them now I have next to no pain and am back to walking almost every other day. When I first got my orthotics I was one of my doctor's worse patients and his first candidate for surgery with in a two year period. But I stuck it out. If I go barefoot or wear my dress flats without my orthotics for a period of time boy I can tell..it hurts. My orthotics were custom made too. They were expensive and now in the shape where I need a new pair...let's just say PUPPY! LOL If I remember correctly you are supposed to gradually wear them all day....meaning a few hours here and a few hours there. And still stay off your feet as much as possible.

Re: Breaking in orthotics?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/08/03 at 22:39 (132981)

Most orthotics require a gradual break in period.

Re: Breaking in orthotics?

francesc on 10/09/03 at 15:15 (133144)

yes, but should they make my foot feel worse rather than better? it seems like the more i wear my orthotics, the worse they feel.