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Nancy S.'s advice Part 2

Posted by Dorothy on 10/07/03 at 23:33 (132748)

Continuing to take your advice, I did find my way back to the message boards social/support for February-March 2003 and thereabouts. I see that there has been tension, but putting one's finger on the source of the tension is a little tough. It does seem, on the surface, that it arises from merely disagreeing with different points of view. However, you (was it you who said this?) are correct to say that there are patterns - and they resulted then in people saying they were leaving. Some have returned. Some didn't leave even after saying they were leaving. And people were still saying how much the board meant to them and how much support and informtion they derived from it.

It's been a nice little reading journey actually. Nice people. And there were even some references to books, i.e. someone was reading V. Woolf. Wendy at that time made a good point that I would say pertains to most political discussion anywhere these days - even to the so-called 'debates' among the Dem. candidates - and that was that there was/is little evidence of 'debate' in the discussions on this board at that time. I think John H. has it exactly right when he says to merely ignore the posts/posters/topics you are not interested in and move on to another.

Maybe there just needs to be a Political Category added to this board and within that category there needs to be a second rule added to the basic rule 'Be Nice' and the 2nd rule is no full text cut/pasted pieces, only URL or link. That way, those who want to enter political discussions here can do so but in a separate category.

I don't know. I have to go have a surgical procedure done: removal of 'Our Town' from my psyche one more time.