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Posted by Dorothy on 10/08/03 at 00:13 (132750)

Greetings ~
Curious about the comments about a banned Kim from people who were indicating that whatever she said was nothing compared to recent posts, I did a Kim-search. There were posts from a Kim but I don't know if this is the same Kim or not; it was all about foot problems and nothing inflammatory that I could see. What I did see in that search, however, were posts from Nancy S., from Julie, from Wendy, from Pauline and from others. They were kind, caring, informative, generous. In a word, I was wrong. Nancy did a good job of giving me 'what-for' and I learned something from it.

Whether I should stick around or not, I am mulling. What I think should happen about political-speak, something amicable. I need to really start to practice waiting a much longer time before speaking in ways that might be insulting or hurtful - or mean. There is a line from a Stephen Sondheim song that fits, maybe: 'Being smart and being clever ain't like being true...' (Nothing's Going to Harm You..from Sweeney Todd )

good-night, foot people.

Re: Chastened

R C on 10/08/03 at 08:53 (132776)

I don't remember what the controversial comments were. Either I skipped over the thread or it was before my time. I suspect, however, that the post(s) in question were removed, so that a search would not turn them up.

To anyone who is considering leaving heelspurs, you are not permitted to leave (under obscure rules, tucked in a filing cabinet somewhere) until you post a favorite casserole recipe, or a joke. Do it in verse, for extra credit.

Re: Chastened, SCOTTR - your consideration please

BrianG on 10/08/03 at 12:43 (132810)

Hi Dorothy,

I just did a 'Kim' search, and there are a few of her posts still available. Most seem to have been deleted. As this happened about 3 years ago, the deletions could have happened for any number of reasons. I will tell you that she did not post under 'Kim', but I am reluctant to post her old nick name, as it may open some old wounds. Still, I repeat what I said earlier, I think she should be given the oppertunity to be reinstated by our host, ScottR.


Re: Chastened

marie on 10/08/03 at 15:33 (132877)

That's ok Dorothy...everyone has been pretty riled up the past few days. I think you're a keeper.


Re: Chastened

Dorothy on 10/08/03 at 15:58 (132890)

Thanks Marie ~ I appreciate that, especially from you who was possibly hurt by my words. I like your attitude, Marie.