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What tennis shoes should I buy?

Posted by Sue G. on 10/08/03 at 07:08 (132765)

I've heard a lot about good tennis shoes are needed for those with PF. What kind do you suggest? I also have the arch supports my podiatrist gave me to wear in every single pair of shoes, but would like to get a good pair to insert them in for best results. What do you recommend?

Re: What tennis shoes should I buy?

john h on 10/08/03 at 09:05 (132780)

Sue: A lot of people like New Ballance Cross Trainers. They have a built in roll bar and are a stability shoe. They change the numbers on them each year and I think the last ones I bought were the model #854 Cross Trainer. Other shoes that are not athletic shoes but good everyday shoes are the SAS and of course the most popular of all among PF sufferers is the Birkenstock Airizona Sandal if you are not already using them.

Re: What tennis shoes should I buy?

Dorothy on 10/08/03 at 15:05 (132868)

Another suggestion is to go to the category on the first 'page' of this website (look toward the bottom where you see the different categories listed) and you will Shoes/Insoles/Inserts (I am not looking at it right now, but this is close to how it is listed). Click on those messages and you will find lots of information on the subject. Also, if you do a search toward the top of the 'page' where you will see a place to search either the messages or Scott's heel pain book, you can search in those places and find more information. People discuss shoes here a lot because they are so important. John's response to you about NB shoes and Birkenstocks pertains to two brands/types that are probably the most popular here, but there are others, too. Good luck!