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Posted by john h on 10/08/03 at 13:37 (132822)

This is like being born again. As Martin Luther King said
Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God I am Free at Last'.

You are the man Scott. Email me your mailing address. I hope people from all sides of issues show up. My thoughts to those who do come and they are just my thoughts:

1. Scott's Be Nice Rule is a pretty good rule.
2. Let us not make any multi page paste. Use URL's
3. All viewpoints should be welcome and encouraged.
4. Contine to support the other Boards that offer help to the PF sufferers.
5. To me this is not a Liberal or a Conservative board but a forum for open expression of all viewpoints
6. Let us make this board work people. It is up to us to be civil, make our points in a civil manner.
7. Scott has been gracious enough to open this up let us do the rest..