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Mortons Neuroma/ alcohol injections

Posted by tammy s on 10/09/03 at 00:43 (132997)

I have a Mortons Neuroma and my Podiatrist is treating me with alcohol injections by the nerve . He recommends a series of 3-4 shots to see if it is responding to tx before surgery is an option. Has anyone had this done with sucess? It is much more sore today after the first injection yesterday. I should mention that I've already had 2 steriod shots in the general area, which provided relief temporarily.

Re: Mortons Neuroma/ alcohol injections

Dr. David S. Wander on 10/09/03 at 18:30 (133275)


The alcohol injections your podiatrist is using, is an accepted method of attempting to eliminate 'neuroma' pain without surgical intervention. These injections are called sclerosing injections and are a mixture of local anesthetic and alcohol. It is often an extremely effective procedure and may eliminate the need for surgery. The usual protocol is to inject the area every 7-10 days (some use 2 weeks) with a minimum of 3 injections and a maximum of 7-8 injections. It is not unusual to initially experience increased discomfort. My recommendation is to stick with this treatment prior to considering surgery.