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Posted by Dorothy on 10/09/03 at 02:52 (133002)

Hello, SCOTT R: First, I want to thank you, as have others, for so generously providing another choice for discussions. It seems like an idea worth trying. I wish I were more knowledgable about the workings of websites so I could fully understand and appreciate what effort there is behind this, but I am sure there is a lot of effort and generosity and thank you for it. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see how establishing a new category, 'Other', takes away from the other categories as long as people continue to participate on those fully, as they should and as they must and as they will, I feel sure. I took your reminder about that to heart and am sure others will take care of that as they have in the past. If the 'Other' provides an outlet for discussions that might be controversial at an identifiable location, I don't see how that promotes discord and anger or takes away from the other categories. I hope it will be simply an addition, not a subtraction, or it will be worthless.
However, that is why I am addressing this to you. Judy has written a long letter directed at Ed and others and is obviously quite upset. It made me want to hear from you directly about those claims that you were browbeaten, coerced, felt forced, or any other situation that most people would think negative. Did you experience or feel any of those things? I realize you are under no obligation to respond, but those circumstances about you were invoked in Judy's letter and I would like to know if they are accurate, if you care to say.
I truly do not know how or if or when people e-mail back and forth 'behind the scene' of the public message boards. I have not done that. I also do not know how moderators and their role works. I do know that I would prefer that we participants conduct our posting in public as much as possible and I would not like to be associated with your feeling in any way forced to do anything that you did not agree with or want to do. As so many people have pointed out, it is your website. Maybe you were feeling between a rock and a hard place in these matters, but I hope not and I hope that this new category will help the situation, both in easing resentments and in providing outlets for a wider variety of interaction. As so many people think, it is a wonderful website and much appreciated by all the Foot People. I am sorry to see/read valuable participants here be so upset, but it has happened to many of the posters at one time or another. It is my hope that people know that they can get upset, vent it, get beyond it and still feel welcomed and valued. Well, long again sorry I'm going to work on editing and condensing thoughts as a personal goal. I hope you will be able to respond about the claims that you were 'browbeaten' behind the scenes. Since you began this website for specific purposes, I would also be interested to know your opinion and feelings about this new turn and about recent events with regard to whether they correspond to your vision for the website at all or not. If you don't care to respond, I understand and we will just carry on. Thank you again, for the website and for the new addition.
Best wishes ~


Scott R on 10/17/03 at 12:08 (134329)

i have no feelings or comments about recent events in the message boards other than i wish the 'children' would stop responding to each other if they are going to discuss or argue anything other than foot pain, which includes discussing the message board itself. the main rule: 'be nice' has the rule 'stay on topic' that can fall under it and i consider this rule just as important. the message boards are not here so that everyone can drone on about the boards themselves nor about the participants. these rules do not apply to 'other' board. that board's rule is 'stay legal'