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1 Week Post-op Dr, Check

Posted by Lari S. on 10/09/03 at 18:54 (133289)

Well, I just returned from my first checkup. It felt so good to get those bandages off. He said everything was really looking great, except for a slight infection. Being a type 1 diabetic, I was not surprised to find it was infected. I'm taking Cephalexin for the next 10 days. He put a temporary dressing on the foot so we can check the infection. Still have to keep the heel above eye level until my next check on Thursday. I can already tell a difference in the foot, and hope this is a good sign of better fot days ahead.


Re: Good news

wendyn on 10/09/03 at 23:25 (133328)

I was wondering how you were recovering Lari. Good to hear things are going well. Please keep in touch with your progress, we need a few more surgery success stories around here!

Re: Good news

Lari S. on 10/10/03 at 00:03 (133337)

Things are actually going better than expected. Swelling was very minor, as was the infection. He left off the big bandages for a simple wrap that can be redone when site is checked and ointment applied. He made me promise that I would keep the foot up as I was doing and not to be getting up doing things on the crutches. He gave me a temp boot to wear to protect the foot if I HAVE to go out. I wore it for the 15 minute ride home which would have been impossible prior to the surgery. I'm to do some 'A,B,C' exercises while I'm sitting with my foot up this next week. He says if I am doing as well at my check next Thursday that he'll start letting me put a little weight on the foot. So far, I've had some tingling pains and a few zappers, but nothing like it used to be. It's the first time in years that I've been able to sleep with anything over my foot, much less anything more than a flip flop for a shoe.

Of course, he did warn me that scar tissue will be the big issue. We're to discuss PT next week, as well as things I can do at home. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a god recovery...


Re: Good news

Dorothy on 10/10/03 at 01:16 (133350)

Lari ~ I'm doing one more short post before REALLY closing down for the night. I am so glad to hear that you are getting good news. It sounds like you have had a whole lot of factors that can easily come into play when any one thing goes wrong - so the fact that you are coming through this so well IS great news. And if you and your doctor are planning for ways to deal with scar tissue, that is good planning. Keep up the good work - and the leg. And keep up the good mending.

Question about sinuses: did you EVER use the neti pot or did you go right to the waterpik attachment? I have always used the neti pot, but a couple of years ago I did buy the waterpik, etc. per Dr. Grossan's information; however, I have just kept it 'in the background' as a backup, in case the neti pot, etc. isn't doing the trick. So - did you ever use the neti pot and if so, do you like the waterpik better? Do you ever have concerns about keeping it clean and thereby NOT introducing infection? I am a worry wort!

Best wishes ~

Re: Good news

Lari S. on 10/10/03 at 08:26 (133368)

Yes, I used the neti pot for a few years. Eight years ago the sinuses got so bad that I had to have surgery. I was on almost constant antibiotics for 2 years, had horrific migraine headaches, and had started to lose vision. My endocronoligist kept telling me it was 'all in my head'. I changed back to our family doctor who ordered an MRI. I had large tumors/polyps all throught the sinuses. (So I guess you could say it was all in my head! lol) The Ethmoid sinuses were removed, cheek bones taken out to drill drainage holes with permanent tubes in the Maxillary sinuses, the tumors/polyps removed. At that time, I was told to switch to the water pik in order to get up to the ethmoid area and keep the drainage holes cleared.

I love the water pik as I can adjust the pressure. I warm the saline solution, which also helps. I have not had a sinus infection in years, and only 1 cold that cleared up in 3 days.

As far as cleaning, I boil BOTTLED water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave and use it to clean the water pik and attachmentafter it has cooled some. I also pour alcohol through the attachment. As I said, I really haven't had any infections.


Re: 1 Week Post-op Dr, Check

lauriel on 10/10/03 at 11:27 (133415)

Lari - I am so glad to hear your Dr keeping up with you post op - Many people who had surgery here said they had surgery and were forgotten. Basicly very few follow visits, no PT, being able to walk on your foot in 3 days, etc. I am glad to hear all of the thinkgs he is making you do. Sound like you have a great doc!

I had surgery last December and my Dr was in the middle of the road, basicly elevate for 3 days, go back to work after a week, and will wait and see on PT. Well I followed a lot of advice here - kept my foot elevated for a week - tried to go back to work after one week (desk job) no way - it was 2 weeks - total non weight bearing for a month. I did have weekly follow up appts for 6 weeks then every other week and then once a month. After one month I told him I wanted to do PT what a lifesaver ( even thought it was very painful at first) - This does really help with the scar tissue and geting the mobility back in your feets
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress

Re: Good news

marie on 10/10/03 at 14:30 (133457)

I'm so glad to hear that the doctor thinks everything is going well. It sounds like you have had a good (certainly not pleasant) recovery. I am so excited for you.

I am going to find something to start irrogating my sinuses this weekend. Thanks so much for the tips. Dorathy too.