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Posted by Pam S. on 10/10/03 at 10:14 (133391)

Dear Shell:
I feel sure your second Ossatron is today. Just wishing you the best results. I will keep my fingers crossed. Let us know how you are doing. Warmly, Pam


Shell D. on 10/11/03 at 12:20 (133627)

Thanks so much for the well-wishes! I appreciate it.
I had the treatment yesterday and all went well. I just love that feeling of being put to sleep! Nothing like a good hour-long nap. Although I felt half drunk the rest of the day.
Today my feet are both still pretty numb as he injects both of them with lots of novacaine or whatever it is that they use to numb, before he does the OssaTron treatment. The right foot is starting to throb a little as the numbness wears off, but it's still nothing like the pain of PF.
The procedure was scheduled for 9:15 and I was home by 12 noon. I feel groggy all day, but couldn't sleep. Went to bed at midnight, but couldn't sleep, so I read a book till 1 am. I woke up at 4 am, and that was it for the night. I got up and came down stairs and tried to find something to watch on TV, which was a waste of time. And I've been awake since. Usually that Neurontin has helped me sleep, but not last night.
Not sure what' up with that. My daughter is STILL sick. This is the 7th day. She's seen the dr 3 times and now they've diagnosed her with gastritis. Poor thing cries everytime she eats because her stomach hurts about 30 minutes later. So I'm trying to take care of her and hobble aroudn the house. My husband is great as far as helping, but for some reason, when my kids are sick, they want their MOM.
Thanks again for the concern. I'll keep you posted...
Shell D.


Pam S. on 10/11/03 at 17:24 (133646)

Dear Shell:
Oh, gee what a challenging time you are going thru. I REALLY hope you figure this out with your daughter. Don't you hate it when your kids are sick. Keep her off dairy but you probably know that. Have they done any cultures for parasites? I know that sounds gross.

I do not know if you saw my last post but I am happy to e-mail you personally. Are you comfortable posting your e-mail to me here?

I really hope your foot heals fast. Is your other pain flaring up right now? I hope not.

Well, we are spending all our time watching the CUBS. Our weather is beautiful here in the midwest so I went for several walks with my great motion control shoes etc. (only 30 minutes) and my right foot is burning like crazy. I am ready to give up on my foot. They are trying to work on my lower back. I am such a work in progress. I thought it was interesting what someone posted about the back issues with the feet.

Hope you can sleep. Do you take Ambien. I take that when I really cannot sleep. Here's to speedy healing to you and your daughter. Warmly, Pam


Shell D. on 10/12/03 at 12:28 (133734)

Hi Pam,
Thanks for posting so soon.
We're 'patiently waiting' to check for the parasites, if you know what I mean? She'd kill me for saying that. So far, today seems to be better than yesterday at this time with her. She's taking Previcid, and I think it's beginning to help. Time will tell.

My feet are quite sore today. There's not as much bruising as last time after the OssaTron, but I don't remember this much tenderness last time.
Sorry to hear about your feet acting up...It' so frustrating, isn't it?
The rest of my aches and pains are about the same. No significant changes. Last night I slept like a LOG. (Does that make sense? Isn't that a goofy saying?) The night before I went to sleep at 1 am and slept till 4 am, and that was it. So last night once I hit the bed, I stayed in that same position till this morning! And it felt great! I don't take Ambien, but the Neurontin that I take at bedtime helps me to sleep better than I was.

So you're a CUBS fan? They're really doing well.
Yes, I'd be happy to have you e-mail me. My address is
(email removed)
I think I e-mailed it once before, but I don't think it ever showed up on the posts. Not sure.
The weather has been so beautiful here, but since my daughter has been sick for 8 days, we haven't even been able to enjoy it. It's definitely Fall around here.
E-mail me once you get a chance. Hope to hear from you soon.