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My kitty pics

Posted by Aly on 10/13/03 at 12:09 (133850)

Here are the pics I took yesterday of my feline friends. I used Greg's sister's camera, didn't know the date was on.


Hope this works - my first time sharing pics online...


Re: My kitty pics

marie on 10/13/03 at 14:26 (133869)

Hey, those are great shots! And you thought they wouldn't be that great. What beautiful kitties!


Re: My kitty pics

Aly on 10/13/03 at 15:29 (133873)

You're always so positive Marie. It's nice having someone like you on the board. :)

Re: My kitty pics

Pauline on 10/13/03 at 16:54 (133889)

Cute pictures Aly. We're adopting a new cat this weekend. The shelter has volunteered to drive this cat 4 hrs to our home.

It's a 2 year old, 16 lb. Maine Coon whose mane makes it look like a small lion. From the size of it, I'm wondering it it belonged to Roy Horn in Vegas before they got it.

Her name is Angora. It should be an interesting couple of weeks as she get used to her new environment.

Re: My kitty pics

John H on 10/13/03 at 17:32 (133896)

I had two very large pine trees hanging over my house removed today and a lot of chain saw trimmiing so all my outdoor cats (some are not real freindly with each other) all confined to the garage. All went well. You should have seen the crane that removed the trees. The trees were about 70' tall. The crane lifted them out after only three cuts each. They never touched the yard as he placed them in the street and then cut them up so they would fit into his very large truck. The crane had a reach of perhaps 125'. A few years ago I was on a walk in our neighborhood. There was a very large pine tree with no limbs on it until you were about 50' up. There was a sign on the tree that there was a cat in the tree that had been there for 3 days. I looked around and sure enough way up there was a kitty. Amimal control, the fire department and no one else would help. I called our Property Owners Association as I know they had a large bucket truck. She sent the truck over as about 50 of us gathered under the tree. The operatior had a terrible time trying to get the cat as it was terrified. He finally just grabbed it and held on as the cat bit and scracthed all the way down. I had my work gloves and he handed the cat to me. It promptly bit all the way through the gloves and clawed me. Jumped out of my hands and hit the road fast. The bucket truck guy was really bitten and scratched bad. He had to go to the hospital. He also had to be one tough guy to hold on to a bitting scratching cat all the way down. I still have a scar on my hand but see the cat in our neighborhood so he is ok. Probably a dog chased him up the tree.

Re: My kitty pics

marie on 10/13/03 at 19:42 (133906)

I had a cat that did that once when a Afghan hound was after her. She went so far up you could hardly see her. She was a tough cat and somehow made her way down by late the next morning. She never missed breakfast. I thought I may have to call someone if she wasn't down by morning. She was meowing at the door at 5 am...breakfast time.


Re: My kitty pics

BevN. on 10/14/03 at 08:54 (133942)

Aly ,
Seeing all of these darling pictures everyone is posting of these kitties makes me want to go get one. However , it would mean no hubby , so I guess not. He absolutly dislikes cats . I used to raise siamese kittens and sell them and buy my school clothes , then one day the mother got mad at me and dug my arm all up and that was the end of that venture. We gave her to a little lady who loved her and lived alone. So now I am just enjoying all of your pictures everyone is posting very much :) Bev

Re: My kitty pics

JudyS on 10/14/03 at 11:24 (133959)

Aly - your photos worked on Shutterfly perfectly - good job! And BEAUTIFUL kittys. :)

Re: My kitty pics

Aly on 10/14/03 at 11:36 (133960)

Thanks! They think so too! ;)

Re: My kitty pics

Aly on 10/14/03 at 11:37 (133961)

Hi Bev,

Ooh, I think if my man didn't like cats, he'd have to go ;) But I do think 3 is my limit. Now if only I had a dog or two..! :)

Re: My kitty pics

BevN. on 10/15/03 at 11:14 (134036)

Oh, no, not my man. He will never go in favor of any animal :))