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Orthotics/Inlays...what's the difference?

Posted by Lisa V. on 10/13/03 at 13:48 (133866)

I have PF in my right foot and also a heel spur. I was feeling great for awhile, but then my cuboid was dislocated (not sure how that happened) and the Dr. moved it back where it belonged. The PF pain came back and now the Dr. says he thinks I will benefit from some inlays. He said he doesn't feel I need orthotics because I have a good arch and my feet aren't deformed. What's the difference? The inlays are $110.

Re: Orthotics/Inlays...what's the difference?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/13/03 at 15:28 (133872)

Some of it is just semantics but an inlay is anything that is placed inside the shoe while an orthotic is contoured, often custom made and designed to modify foot function. The term 'inlay' often refers to something like an insole and cannot imagine a $110 insole unless your doctor has something else in mind.

Re: Orthotics/Inlays...what's the difference?

Richard, C.Ped on 10/13/03 at 15:46 (133876)

The inlays may be just a cushion that you can get off the shelf. They can range from $40 and up. $110 seems way to much in my opinion.

Re: Orthotics/Inlays...what's the difference?

Lisa V. on 10/15/03 at 23:43 (134094)

OK some more info on this. My feet were casted to get molds and so apparently these 'inlays' aren't something just to lay into my shoes, but custom contoured to my feet. I thought this was an orthotic? At this point $110 is absolutely worth it if it will help me.

Re: Orthotics/Inlays...what's the difference?

Richard, C.Ped on 10/16/03 at 07:49 (134109)

Yes...that sounds more like an orthosis.
Please keep us informed with your progress. Good luck!!!