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Heel Spur that had become inflamed

Posted by Bill on 10/13/03 at 16:08 (133883)

I understand that most people acquire heel spurs but they only become noticable when the spot become inflamed.
That was my case.
The podiatrist injected my heel with a home made mixture of anesthetics and steroids.
It seems to be working (it's been three days) to relieve the pain, and along with the special shoe inserts (which I do not like, because they make me feel like I'm walking on stilts) but which the podiatrist tells me work to keep further heel spurs from developing.
However, my question is: Is it bad for the feet to walk around the home barefoot or with socks if the floor is well padded with good carpeting?
Or is it recommended that one wear shoes at all times except when in bed?
If so, is the sleep time enough to allow the feet to rid themselves of the moisture they gained while confined in shoes?