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MRI to diagnose nerve entrap?

Posted by chrisb on 10/13/03 at 16:32 (133884)

Does anyone know of this?
I've heard there may be a type of MRI scan that can be helpful to diagnose TTS or nerve entrapment.
Standard MRIs don't, I think.
Thanks for any information.

Re: MRI to diagnose nerve entrap?

Carol D on 10/14/03 at 10:32 (133953)

My TTS was not diagnosed until I had an MRI. Other tests, NCV and EMG, were negative. THe MRI (standard type, as far as I know) clearly showed a Schwanoma tumor which was removed on June 5. I am now doing well. Good luck,

Re: MRI to diagnose nerve entrap?

Sharon W on 10/15/03 at 12:24 (134045)

Yes, Chris,

While the standard MRI CAN and DOES sometimes diagnose TTS or nerve entrapment, as it did in Carol D's case (and in mine), there is new technology out there (available in only a few locations still) which is much more precise and accurate for identifying these types of problems.

It is called magnetic resonance neurography, or MRN. I did a 'search and came up with a post about it by Terry, written a few months ago:



MR Neurography
Posted by Terry on 2/11/03 at 09:56
I have done research on this enhanced MRI and have contacted the Nerve Institute in California.They indicated MR neurography can see the postier tibial nerve and where or if it is compressed. MR neurography can see the nerves because of its enhanced software. There are very few neurologists that can read this type of MRI therefore there a very few places where this is performed. UCLA does, Dr. Aaron Filler in Ca,, the nerve institute in CA. and I found a clinic in New Jersey that can perform this test.
I have made an appoinment with Dr. Filler for March 17th.He is the leader in this field. First consult is $500 which insurance doesn't cover but my insurance will pay for the MR Neuoraphy as it is not experimental. A flight from Ohare is only $161-180 non stop.
All this is worth it if they can tell you with certainty if the nerve is compressed and where.
Mayo does not do this.In fact I talked with a friend of mine last night who had a numb foot went to our local pod who did tts surgery and the result was it left him with extreme pain in his sole. Something he did not have prior to surgery.
He then went to Mayo where they sent him home, Told him they don't even do tts anymore and to just rest it. He, after 6 months, is now starting to recover nicely. Pain is gone and he is able to walk ok.
You can find all the info you want on MR neurography by just typing that in search of your browser.

Re: MRI to diagnose nerve entrap?

chrisb on 10/15/03 at 13:40 (134049)

Thank you Sharon. I'll check it.