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Talk to my doctors office today.......

Posted by David B on 10/13/03 at 17:24 (133894)

I called and talked to the lady that does the billing and she had already received the letter I got about declining the ESWT payment. She said they are going to appeal the bill and see what happens, she did not mention to me saying I will be responsible for it at this time. I did remind her that THEY were the ones that told me that my insurance WOULD pay for ESWT. She blammed it on the 2nd party the people that owns the machine. If my insurance refuses to pay even after the appeal I guess I will pay my doctor his fee but I am not paying the people that owns the machine because they did not even contact my insurance company. I would have done the checking on my own but my nurse said that it is a complicated matter and the people that own the machine takes care of all that paper work and I won't have to mess with it. What do you think Dr. Z? What is a responable price for the doctor, all he did was let the 2nd party use his office, do you think $1100 is a fair fee??