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Posted by wendyn on 10/13/03 at 23:28 (133921)

Suzanne - are you still around?

Re: Suzanne?

Suzanne D on 10/14/03 at 10:17 (133950)

Yes, Wendy; thanks for asking! Our computer at home is 'on the blink' again. Sometimes I can read, but not post! That keeps me quiet. :)

A belated happy Thanksgiving to you. I think this would be a beautiful time of the year for a Thanksgiving celebration. But our manufacturers and retailers wouldn't like it as Halloween has gotten to be such big business now. When I was a child, it seemd to be a day for children and treats. Now Halloween decorations for homes are big business as well as party supplies for all ages.

Someday maybe I can post a picture of my pets. We have an old dalmation who is a great 'pet sitter'! A man in our church who lives in an apartment in town brings his dog to our yard each Sunday morning. I laugh and say that Pepper has a Sunday School class! Then our daughter and her husband bring their little beagle puppy when they come over.

We recently got a kitten to try to help control the mouse population out here in the country. Pepper was so gentle and protective with her, and now she is trying to boss him around! The funniest thing she does is to climb up and sit on the LAP of a big old scarecrow I have sitting on our front porch swing. :)

Take care, Everyone,
Suzanne :)