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Posted by BrianJ on 10/14/03 at 14:26 (133980)

Can anyone recommend a durable tape that will stay on my foot without slipping or leaving residue? I've tried sports tape, Leuko tape and various kinds of duct tape, but have not been satisfied. The main problem is that, when under stress, the tape will slide slightly on my foot and thus lose tension.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Taping

dave r on 10/14/03 at 14:54 (133982)

Brian i have found that if i soak my feet in ebson salt for ten or fifteen minutes in the morning that the tape really sticks after that. I think that the salts must really draw the oil of my skin. If i dont do this then the tape i use doesnt stick as well. I also think that the epson salt actually helps heal any sores that you may have. Plus reduce inflamation. I will look tonight to see what type of tape i use.

Re: Taping

Rick R on 10/14/03 at 15:30 (133983)

I have successfully used duct tape for many years. Hunt around for my posts on the method, I do believe the technique is quite important. It does not slip nor does it relax as much as any other tape I have tried.


Re: Taping

R C on 10/15/03 at 10:30 (134029)

The brand I use is Henry Schein, and it is a very plain looking cloth coaches tape. It comes in white and flesh colored. I find that the latter is superior for some reason. (The point is that they are different - maybe others would prefer white.) There is 1' wide as well as 2' wide. There might also be 3', but I've never needed it. It's inexpensive - under $20 for several rolls (don't remember the exact price). I have been taping my foot with it for around two years, and cannot imagine life without it.

If you cannot find this brand locally, try calling Footworks 757-474-4220.

Re: Taping

Rick R on 10/15/03 at 11:53 (134042)

I know the feeling, taping has been such a God send to me. I'll keep my eyes open, where do you buy it?

I know we are all different here and I shouldn't expect us all to respond to the same treatment. However, I can't help but believe that suffering could be limited significantly if more people could experience the effective use of taping. I have a 100% success rate practicing medicine without a licence. OK I have one friend that started to have PF problems that I showed my taping method to and he was cured in no time. He would probably been one of the normal people that can kick this the way most doctors expected us hard cases to do before we stumped them. At least he was able to avoid the time off the job it would have likely cost him.



Re: Taping

R C on 10/16/03 at 00:23 (134096)

I buy my Henry Schein athletic tape from a little retail store called Footworks 757-474-4220.

Don't know if they do any mail-order, but they're nice people and will find some way to help.