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To RICK on Taping

Posted by Dorothy on 10/16/03 at 14:12 (134142)

Rick ~
Being a novice, and a hesitant novice at that, I looked online for the Henry Schein tape recommended by another poster - no luck.

I recall that you use paper towels UNDER your tape to protect your skin.

I have the following questions: Have you ever used elastic tape - and do you think it would be effective?

What is the AIM of taping? To CREATE an arch in the foot? To simulate the same condition that one gets by 'scrunching' the toes/tightening the arch?

People use those 'arch braces' that I have only seen,never worn. They have velcro closure over the top of the foot, at the instep/over the top of the arch. Why doesn't one tape that way - around and around (but not to cut off circulation, of course) the arch?

Doesn't the tape get kind of rolled up and become uncomfortable?

Could you tape OVER something - like a thin sock or a nylon stocking cut off so as to use just the foot - to protect the skin but keep a 'thin profile' of 'stuff' in the shoe?

SOMEONE here - perhaps you, Rick, with your experience? - should write a TAPING booklet or make a good video (even better - to SHOW the procedure.) And SCOTT R should sell various athletic tape on this site e.g. the Henry Schein and some other recommended types.

Re: And yet another question

Sher A on 10/17/03 at 10:55 (134301)

I'm wondering how long you leave the tape on. Like I re- tape after a shower and just leave it until I take another shower. But I notice that my heel is getting just a little 'peely' (sorry), probably from lack of air. They look like they could use a break but then I start hurting all over again the minute I get up. Do you have any opinions on length of time??

Re: And yet another question

john h on 10/17/03 at 11:35 (134317)

I place the Leuko tape on in the morning and remove it at night. Be careful taking it off. If you just rip it off (I did once) you can take off a liitle skin and that really hurts. Remove the residue with something like alcohol as water may not do it and it can cause irritation. There are products especially to remove residue and prepare the foot for the tape.

Re: And yet another question

R C on 10/17/03 at 12:16 (134333)

I have taped for so long that my skin no longer gets irritated. It has become a little tough, but not unpleasantly. I find that peeling off toe-to-heel is less bothersome, except the inch or so nearest the ankle, which I peel the other way.

Keeping the injured foot taped without any interruption has a certain logic to it. In my experience a lot of healing takes place under these conditions - any unprotected step you take risks some degree of re-injury. Thus I endorse Sher's approach of changing tape right after each shower (but keeping taped up while showering!).

Re: And yet another question

Rick R on 10/17/03 at 12:41 (134338)

I used to tape up every morning and remove it when I got home from work and could slide into the safety and relative comfort of running shoes. Now I only tape for running or a day I anticipate standing or walking a great deal. I still don't stand in the shower except for rare occasions. Rest assured it's only the standing part I avoid!