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Rush hour traffic?Not here.........

Posted by marie on 10/16/03 at 21:04 (134209)

I took a few photos on the way home from work. I stopped at a couple of churches on the way home. As you can see My drive home isn't to stressful. Just lots of countryside. Most but not all of the photos are taken behind The Powers Church. It is a beatuiful old church and one of the first buildings constructed in our county. There is a stream that encircles the property and was a natural spot for early settlers.


best wishes marie

Re: Rush hour traffic?Not here.........

Suzanne D. on 10/16/03 at 21:48 (134215)

Marie, the Powers Church reminds me of our church here in Kentucky. It is near a river and has a lot of history, too.

I like the photos of the trees. I never grow tired of looking at trees. We had 24 big oaks in my yard growing up, and I loved them. The land on which the subdivision we lived in was built had once belonged to my great-grandfather. He stipulated when selling it that no more trees would be cut than necessary to build the houses. The yards were larger than usual in such developments, and the trees were in abundance. I loved autumn most of all. I can still hear the crunch of leaves under my feet when I got off the school bus and walked through the back yard to the house.

You must enjoy your drive home passing such lovely scenery. For 12 years of my teaching career, I drove 25 miles one way to school. I found that the time helped me to unwind and think through the day as well as listen to good music and think. Later when my daughters went with me, it gave me some uninterrupted time with them to talk.

Enjoy your pretty views!
Suzanne :)

Re: Rush hour traffic?Not here.........

Dorothy on 10/16/03 at 21:55 (134217)

Marie ~ I LOVE your photos! Beautifully done.

Re: Rush hour traffic?Not here.........

Lari S. on 10/16/03 at 22:55 (134227)

Great photos Maire! Love the reflections. For that matter, all the recent pictures from all the posters have been really good. Loved the ones from your students.