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Orthotics question

Posted by PamCK on 10/17/03 at 11:01 (134304)

Had my orthotics 9 months.I am still not 100% comforatable in them
although I've had them adjusted 3 times. I have VERY high arches.
What is the secret to making my feet happy?

Re: Orthotics question

Richard, C.Ped on 10/17/03 at 13:41 (134352)

High arches are difficult to deal with. Perhaps the orthosis has to much support which is throwing you in an even more supinated position. It should not be extremely rigid..It should have some give to it.

Re: Orthotics question

Pam on 10/18/03 at 15:51 (134602)

They seem to be 'soft' orthotics (I've had HARD ones) where they
are made out of cork & some kind of foam w/a soft footbed.