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Ed, 'meanness'

Posted by JudyS on 10/17/03 at 11:38 (134318)

Re: no more arguing or meanness in this SS board
Posted by JudyS on 10/09/03 at 11:51

So, ScottR, does the 'be nice' rule apply to the 'other' board or not?

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Re: no more arguing or meanness in this SS board
Posted by Scott R on 10/09/03 at 11:54

no, be nice in other board does not apply because visitors unable to comply need a place to go. nice visitors should never go there. use SS instead for their 'other'

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Re: Ed, 'meanness'

Kathy G on 10/17/03 at 13:03 (134342)


Thanks for clarification. I was away when the new board was created and was uncertain of where to post. Now I know.


Re: Ed, 'meanness'

John H on 10/17/03 at 14:38 (134370)

Kathy: I post anywhere I want and have no problem with it. I personally do not feel unwanted anywhere on any board. Maybe I am out of touch with realty but I still view the boards as an open forum with some restrictions on one board which is perfectly fine with me. I do not view one board as a board for meanies and one board as a feel good board. I generally feel good about posting to any board. I certainly see most of the people crossing over from board to board and all the old posters seem to be alive and kicking.

Re: Judy, meanness

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/17/03 at 14:48 (134377)

I think that you could have come up with a better title here than 'Ed, meanness.' The 'other' board is not a place to be mean, it is just a place to discuss those topics that are banned from the 'social' board.

Re: Judy, meanness

JudyS on 10/17/03 at 15:21 (134391)

Ed, you're right. And I apologize - the title wasn't meant to be what it could look like. It was meant to be a topic. Sorry.

Please remember that when I wrote that I was going off the post Scott had made negating the 'be nice' rule for the Other board. The content of my post was accurate.

Re: Judy, meanness

PETER R on 10/17/03 at 16:00 (134404)

I guess that those who sufffer from foot problems equate meaness with the truth. ie: if I say something truthfull it is mean. So if I said that Dr. Z and Dr. Ed were very nice, helpful doctors (true) this would be a mean statement on this board. Sorry Doctors, I didn't intend to be mean to you. So let me get this straight- truth = mean but mean can never be truthful even if it is.
Hey everybody guess what -the earth is round (true) that means on this board that the earth is mean.
So if I said that Adolf Hilter was a perfect example of the ultimate in human depravity- this board would consider that to be a mean and hateful statement and consider it not to be true. Can I hate certain foods on this board- like okra- and not have my comments censored.
I think foot pain may cause lunacy and maybe it should be treated by a pyscopodiatrist with some sort of shock therapy.. But where should it be aimed??? Hmmmm

Re: Judy, meanness

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/17/03 at 18:25 (134433)

I think that you have read some of George Orwell's books, eg. 1984.
I don't think anyone could have expressed it better.

Re: Judy, meanness

BGCPed on 10/18/03 at 10:50 (134540)

Peter you can hate okra on here. I would suspect hating something like tofu would get you blasted as a meanie