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contacting scott

Posted by Scott R on 10/17/03 at 13:16 (134344)

for the 4th time, do not send me an email unless it includes the URL of the post Ed has made that offends you. see my previous post on this if you do not know what a URL is. i ignore all references to the message board that do not include the URL which let's me see the context in which a post is made and saves me hours of work. i have never been emailed a complaint about ed that showed me where he did anything wrong

Re: contacting scott

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/17/03 at 14:43 (134374)


Based on what you are saying, it appear that the same few are complaining by emailing you directly. Take a look at the 'other' board and you will see that it has been a peaceful place over the last week or so. There are 3 or 4 people who just can seem to live with it and determined to ruin things for the rest of us. I really think that enough is enough.