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mean posts...the solution

Posted by Scott R on 10/17/03 at 14:26 (134365)

ok, i have not given moderators any instructions on what to delete, so here goes: Ed deletes any posts that offends him instead of replying. Judy delete's any post of Ed's she or Nancy or dorothy or etc may find offensive or annoying instead of any of them replying. If Ed or nancy are not able to follow these rules, then wendy and i delete only the REPLY to an offensive post Ed or one of the ladies made and let the offensive post have the last word if Ed and Judy do not do their duty and prevent replies to offensive posts by deleting the offensive post. this way, the board is not cluttered with all this crap.

Re: mean posts...the solution

Richard, C.Ped on 10/17/03 at 15:29 (134393)

and I will use my dart gun...cover my eyes...and whatever gets hit...Ill delete. :P