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? fro Brian Graham, CPed

Posted by Morgan W on 10/17/03 at 14:48 (134378)

I recently read the article about6 Cavus Feet in the Biomechanics Journal from Jan. 2001. I have high arches and a heel in a cavus position, and according to your article i have been treated with the wrong orthotics. I have rigid polyproeline 2/3 length orthotics that contour perfetly to the medial arch. I wore them for 5 months. THe whole time i thought things were getting better. I originally saw the Podiatrist for posterior heel pain. I was having sensations in the bottom of my foot, that have now escalted to proportions that have caused me to start over in my orthotics search. THe posterior heel pain is still present. My feet hurt all the time.

I live on the Central Coast of California. I am willing to travel to Michigan to see you at your clinic to be sure i am properly treated, but if you have a recommendation for a CPed or other professional that you would personally endorse it would be a bit more convenient in the short term and long term. Thanks for your help.

Re: ? fro Brian Graham, CPed

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/17/03 at 18:39 (134436)

Sorry but the friends of ScottR ran Brian Graham,CPED off the board. I have asked him to return. Perhaps you can talk some sense into, ScottR, the site owner.

Re: ? fro Brian Graham, CPed

Pauline on 10/17/03 at 20:38 (134461)

Brian Graham can be reached at Performance Zone, in Auburn Hills Michigan.
(248) 371-3800.

I learned about a fantastic man in California who also makes a great orthotic. They are custom. My nephew had a pair made by him and I have to tell you they were very impressive.

He is from Germany has his own business and he and his son have been making orthotics for years. I tried calling my nephew for the phone number and address for you tonight, but he is out. Left a message, as soon as I can get a hold of him, I'll have that information for you.

You may want to visit him out first since he is closer to you near Cypress Calif. I believe.

I'll post the information as soon as I get it which could be later this evening.

Re: ? fro Brian Graham, CPed

Pauline on 10/17/03 at 22:05 (134483)

Here is the orthotic person in California.
He is moving to this new location as of Oct.21.
Franks Fitted Arches
(714) 826-2100
2795-H West Lincoln
Anaheim Calif. 92801

My nephew is doing well with his. They remind me of custom Birkenstocks accept they had a very soft covering. My nephew is on his feet a lot, but seems to have been helped by these orthotics.

I do not know the orthotic maker personally, nor do I have any monetary interest in his business. I'm simply providing you with information that may be helpful. I leave it up to you to check him out yourself.

From what I saw he makes a quality product and my nephew said he was very informative and took lots of time with him.
Wishing you the best of luck.

Re: ? fro Brian Graham, CPed

Dr. David S. Wander on 10/19/03 at 09:11 (134658)


You left me wondering about the reason(s) that they 'ran Brian Graham, CPED off the board'. What were the issues that caused Brian Graham,CPed to stop contributing to this board? Thanks