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About Postings

Posted by Dorothy on 10/17/03 at 16:14 (134409)

I am insulted and resentful of the characterizations of my postings here today. I am taken aback that the webmaster, Scott R., has actually spoken of me by name in criticism of my post,and in defense of Ed - who needs no defense from me, because I made no 'attack' against him of any sort. I stated a fact, that he had wanted IP addresses published here. My post made inquiries about the extent of moderators' capacity to publish an IP address. So, this criticism and insulting post from Scott R. is directed at - ME? This ostensibly good idea, the 'Other' category, has taken an unexplained turn. I have posted as often on Tx/Sx/Prods and S/S as here but when it was disclosed that Ed is a moderator, in light of his previous IP comments, I wanted to know how vulnerable to his wishes posters might be. Why would I be concerned about that? Because not everyone in the world is normal and decent and if I don't want my IP address made public, that should be my right. If it is subject to being made public, I should have been made aware of that before ever making a first post here. I just wanted to be absolutely clear about the conditions NOW of this website with Ed as moderator, given his previously stated wishes on IP addresses and given his apparent clout on this website. I know nothing about websites or how they work. I know that people who do or do not want to be anonymous and private should know up-front what the parameters are and will be so they can know exactly what they are participating in.

Apparently, Richard is also a new moderator, given his post about what HE deleted?? Is everybody a moderator but me? I want to be a moderator so I can defend - ME!!!

Ahhh - get out into the sunlight, people. Life is too short to be spent in service and homage to Ed - who, by the way, I had not 'attacked' nor arbitrarily criticised ever. I am criticised for going 'long' - yet a really stupid waste of time, that chain letter, goes out? How does that help anyone in pain or distress? It is true that I don't suffer fools gladly - yet look how I am spending my time and energy right now.

Re: About Postings

nancy s. on 10/17/03 at 16:24 (134412)

dorothy, you had every right to get the clarification you needed and also to state your opinion on what goes on here. you shouldn't have been singled out. many of us have been a bit hotheaded here today, and i don't see you as one.

i don't know if this will make you feel any better, but a couple of years ago there was some skirmish (they used to happen but much further and farther between), and someone complained to scott. he did a very quick read and came out proclaiming LAURIE R as the 'mean' poster -- and she has never uttered a mean, or even angry, word on this site. scott does not read every day and often doesn't read for long periods of time. his quick read does not always give him the whole story. he has said this himself.

please don't worry. you weren't the least bit out of line.


Re: About Postings

nancy s. on 10/17/03 at 16:28 (134413)

and you're right: more sunlight, more non-virtual life! i'm going to take a walk on the beach right now, thank you. best of all worlds: interesting people, but also solitude in between the encounters, and the ocean to remind me that we are all little particles of dust in this universe and our problems are very small compared to those of many others.


Re: About Postings

Pauline on 10/17/03 at 16:34 (134416)

No need to worry Dorothy your not the only one that's not a moderator. Actually I've already lost count of how many there are. The haves and the have nots privlidge that is.

I'm considered a too highly profiled risk with a 'history' to be one. You haven't nearly achieved my status on the board yet.

Your correct in your feelings and concerns about the privacy of your IP address and how it will be used, and now that this has come out we posters who are not moderators should have concerns about this. I'm glad you brought the matter to light because it's an important one.

Now we need to know what we can really expect in terms of privacy on this site. You brought up a good point, maybe people that 'lean on the right person' are privy to otherwise private information.

Re: About Postings

JudyS on 10/17/03 at 16:53 (134418)

Dorothy, Nancy's right - Scott can occasionally misinterpret what's going on because he doesn't visit here often enough to thoroughly understand the history of his message boards - that too is a reason he appointed moderators - he knew he wasn't here enough anymore. Not only did he target Laurie R one time, another time he targeted Carmen - a woman who couldn't possibly have had a kinder disposition.
That is why some of us worry. Scott has understandable ties to the doctors here whose presence can help generate advertising income for Heelspurs.com- no matter what they say or how they treat other posters. So I assume someone alerted Scott to your post and he reacted. I myself alerted Scott to several of Ed's (i.e., 'troublemakers') and that may be why he saw your post in the first place.

So, as hard as it might be, understand all that about Scott. And know that several folks here rose up to defend you - you did no wrong.

Re: About Postings

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/17/03 at 18:18 (134432)

Almost everything I have suggested has been done so out in the open to put it up for discussion. I did so with the IP address discussion since I have seen that done on other boards and brought it up for dicussion -- that is it, nothing more. If you remember the context of that discussion, Marie had pointed out those who may be posting under different names and indeed, we found that Julie had done so. A few here (not you) imply that everything I bring up has some sinister motive of coercion. So many of those who do, seem to keep in touch by email, complaining to ScottR by email and seemingly planning their 'strategies' by email.

The only email I have used has been of some patients who wanted to ask their questions in a confidential fashion until the last two weeks. My email is (email removed) and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss things with you there. First, because I think that this ongoing 'conflict' needs to get off the boards -- think about all the readers who do not post but one can imagine what they must think of this. Second, I get tired of the same few distorting my messages or who have the pathologic need to make me their bogey man.

Re: About Postings

JudyS on 10/17/03 at 18:46 (134437)

Ed, these are YOUR words:
.....The fact that this long string exists is a testament to those who are determined to bring down this board. ....... they are upset that they did not get their way in having one social board devoid of conservatives.......

No one distorted them. I will repeat, at no time did anyone say they wanted a ss board 'devoid of conservatives...'. Rather, some of us agreed with Scott when he first forbade political posts because of what had become their problematic nature.

I will repeat, at no time did anyone say that they wanted this new board to fail. At no time. In fact, those who question you here today have participated on this board with no problem. At no time were your words distorted.

Your use of the word 'distortion' is just another smokescreen.

Again, this kind of thing has arisen because someone voiced a disagreement or concern regarding you. I was never admonished until I did and now Dorothy, who indicates that this is the first time she has questioned something about you, has also been admonished. Neither Dorothy nor I originaly voiced our differences or concerns about you with any hostility whatsoever but we were both brought to task. And neither Dorothy nor myself have a history of being contentious on this board. Is it any wonder that my posts, at least, have taken on a far more hostile tone? You've managed to eliminate several terrific people and you've managed to get Scott to attack even more. You are the common denominator.

Re: About Postings

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/17/03 at 19:53 (134452)

Actions speak louder than words. This was a quiet and friendly board for almost a whole week, until today. Perhaps, you and your cohorts also will not take responsibility for changing the name of this board today. I purposely did not delete the attacks you and your cohorts made on this board today so that readers can judge for themselves. You and Wendyn have both told those who want to argue to do it on this board. Well, that did not work. We had a week of peace until todays attack. Nancy S actually has the audacity to blame the existence of this board for the lack of content on the social board -- please. Go ahead, twist and shout. But keep in mind that there are many more readers than posters here and consider what they are reading.

Re: About Postings

marie on 10/17/03 at 20:42 (134463)


That is so true. Hope you had a nice walk on the beach. I wish I had a beach to walk on...oh well back to the woods for me!


Re: About Postings

JudyS on 10/17/03 at 21:42 (134477)

Correction, Ed. I did not tell anyone who wanted to argue to do it on this board. I posted Scott's words regarding the 'be nice' rule in response to a question that arose about it.

Re: About Postings

nancy s. on 10/18/03 at 06:39 (134507)

thank you, marie: mountains, valleys, woods, deserts -- all these as well as the ocean can have that same effect of providing perspective. yes, i did enjoy the walk, very much. it was mostly me and the gulls and the sandpipers. the wind was wicked out there, so i looked like i'd walked into an eggbeater by the time i got back, but i'd already closed the shop for the day so no one but my husband got to see it -- poor things. but hey, everyone's used to that stuff around here and nobody cares -- very refreshing.