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Posted by Phil C. on 10/17/03 at 22:57 (134493)

I go for away for a while and look what I have come back to. I think that Ed represents those who wanted political expression either on the social board or a new board and that is why is has incurred the animosity from those who opposed this concept.

I think that Judy, Wendyn and Nancy S. should be ashamed of what has transpired today. It was uncalled for. If they don't like this board then go back to the social board and stay there but leave this board to those who want to enjoy it. Pauline, is hard to figure out as she just seems to pop up wherever there is trouble. Perhaps you need to be blocked from this board if you cannot behave yourself like civilized adults. ScottR, remember that these 4 are not more important than those who wish to enjoy this board or the scores of readers on this site. You need to keep your priorities in perspective.

ScottR, I am not sure where you stand but you did seem to acknowledge the attack on Ed. Change the name of this board back to other as there is no reason to show disrespect.


Re: mess

Pauline on 10/18/03 at 07:29 (134510)

A comment you made to Nancy a while back. It appears to this reader your current comments reinforce the same atmosphere you called Nancy on in your post dated 10/07/03 Someone pointed out that you only started posting recently. I think if we could compare the handwriting in stead of only seeing the printed word, we'd find one person posting as two. Just my opinion. Just my gut feeling.

Re: Clarification of Terms View Thread
Posted by Phil C. on 10/07/03 at 22:24

There are posters here who have been long term readers. The are people who no longer post here who still read. Sorry that I don't make the cut to be in your exclusive club here on the board. Your comments reinforce the atmosphere of 'if you don't fit in and play by our rules, get out of here.'
Phil C.

Re: deleted post

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/18/03 at 10:49 (134539)

Interesting. If I remember correctly, that was one of the posts that was deleted a while back. How did it come in your possession?