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what happened to the misc board?

Posted by BGCPed on 10/18/03 at 14:59 (134595)

I dont see it can someone tell me what happened? I mean I can probably guess but is gone for good?

Re: what happened to the misc board?

BGCPed on 10/18/03 at 15:01 (134596)

Sorry I didnt see the warning above this post

Re: what happened to the misc board?

Phil C. on 10/18/03 at 16:33 (134613)


The board was shut down by the axis of evil of the heelspurs.com board: Wendyn, nancy s., Judy, Kathy G. and Julie who lurks in the background, encouraging this group by email but will not show herself. Perhaps if enough of us go away we will see Julie back to have another big victory party with her friends here. Those gals are probably emailing ScottR right now asking complaining about me or asking him to block me. You may have noticed that Scott just threatened to block Dr. Ed on the 'treatment' board after he lost his cool.

Read fast before I am deleted.
Phil C.

Re: what happened to the misc board?

BGCPed on 10/18/03 at 16:38 (134614)

Well I saw that post and I think I am gone also. I am not giving up and getting chased away saying my feelings are hurt. I am doing it because I am amazed that a board made to keep the ss board light and fluffy would get taken down. I knew some people would go after the people they want to silence since they cant just ignore a given posters name that angers them.

Kind of like a good old fashioned book burning