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Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Posted by Doris K on 10/19/03 at 00:14 (134645)

Just wanted to know if the problems I am having are common after surgery. My surgery was September 26, 2003 and I still have blood oozing out of my incision. The pain is still in my foot and now they have put me on Neurontan 300mg 2 or 3 times a day. This still hasn't done anything for the pain. My foot swells up and I still don't have any feeling in my toes. They feel numb. Is this common? I get a burning sensation where he did the incision and because of the swelling in the foot it feels like I am making the incision worse. After surgery I was told to walk and take a shower after 24 hours. From what I have read on here that doesn't sound like I was suppose to do that. The pain that I am having is still the same as if I never had the surgery done.

Thank you

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

wendyn on 10/19/03 at 16:10 (134677)

Doris, what did your doctor say about the blook oozing out of your incision??

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Doris K on 10/19/03 at 16:54 (134679)

He told me that it is suppose to do that cause there are blood clots under the skin. Thank you for responding to this. The incision still looks bad and the only way I can walk is taking the medicine he gave me.

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Lari S. on 10/19/03 at 19:11 (134689)

Doris, I had TTS surgery on Oct. 3rd and developed a slight infection and also had blood oozing from the incision when I went in for my checks. My doc was concerned about the oozing and insisted that I still stay off my feet with the foot elevated above eye level at all times. (Im at just over 2 weeks off my feet right now.) He cleaned the area, added antibiotics, and then butterflied the incision area to reduce the bleeding. He also had me icing behind the knee 20 minutes on/40 off to reduce swelling. Have you tried icing? Did your doc prescribe any pain meds? Mine still has me taking them as needed.

I hope you find relief soon, and that you can get your pain under control.

Best of luck to you.

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Doris K on 10/19/03 at 19:26 (134692)

When I went in on the first week check up the incision was bleeding and red. I asked him then if he thought there was an infection in the area. His response was no. I went back in on October 16 for a 3 week check up and he said it looked good and the oozing is suppose to happen. I don't have no idea what I should do. Yes he keeps prescribing medicines for me. If he didn't I don't think I could get around. He didn't tell me anything about icing the area or anything. All I was told to do is walk and it will get better. I am in the same pain that I was in before I had the surgery. Unless something has come undone cause of me walking I think I had this surgery done for no reason. Thank you for writing me and letting me know what was going on with you I really apprecaite it.

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

wendyn on 10/19/03 at 20:05 (134699)

Doris, I'm not a doctor, but your situation doesn't sound good to me. What type of doctor did you have (podiatrist? Orthopedic surgeon?). Any chance you could have a different doctor take a look at it?

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Doris K on 10/19/03 at 20:10 (134702)

He is a Orthopedic surgeon. Looks that way to me also. Now that I have read some of the post on the message board. I am going to go to a different doctor. Going to call on in the morning and see when I can get in. This is kind of ridiculous having to go through all this. Hopefully everything will turn out better in the future. Just want to be able to walk again without having so much pain. Thank you for writing me

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Dr. Z on 10/19/03 at 20:15 (134704)

While you are looking for another doctor get off your foot,find crutches, Ice rest and elevation. Good luck. Keep us informed

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Doris K on 10/19/03 at 20:17 (134706)

Sure will thank you for your time.

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

BOB on 10/29/03 at 21:22 (135982)

You cant just start walking on it 3weeks after surgery . It will swell and cause more pain . No surgery is going to heal enough after 3weeks . especially TTS and puting your full body wieght back on your foot. Your Doctor is INCOMPETANT. Seek other consult.

Re: Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago

Doris K on 10/29/03 at 21:47 (135984)

Yes, I know this now. I just went to another doctor. He told me I didn't have TTS that I have Plantar Fascists. Said I had been misdiagnosed and that sometimes happen. In the very being of all this my first doctor told me that I had Arthritis then I had Plantar Fascists and finally he told me I had TTS. When I told my second doctor that the first doctor told me to bare weight right after I had surgery he told me I should have never of done that and I either should have been in a cast or on crutches at least for 2 weeks. So now I am feeling better I do have an infection in the incision which the first doctor said I didn't have. Taken different medicine and have to wear arch supports in my shoes plus when I can...... wear something like a cowboy boot. This has been some experience for me. Now I have to wait and see if any nerve damage has been caused since I walked and also to see if the numbness will go away in my toes and around the underside of my ankle. Now if I would have known what I do now I would have never of had surgery and I would have never walked on my foot. Things are getting a little better so maybe in time all will be well again. Have to go back on Nov. 7th will post a message to let you know what is going on. Thank you to all that has responded to my message.