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Foot Pain Questions - John H., Marie, Wendy, please!

Posted by Dorothy on 10/19/03 at 01:20 (134647)

To All Moderators, Your Attention Please: We are only to write about foot pain and that notice was issued on 10/18/03 by Scott R, is this correct?
On 10/16 Max posted some photos to the photo board that Marie was getting started. They were of a historical nature and were called 100 photos that changed the world. I posted a response to Max that same day because I thought the photos were interesting - you may recall they were images from Vietnam, WWII, earth from space and so on. I commented on Roentgen's first x-ray image of his wife's hand and on his winning of the 1st Nobel prize in Physics, because I thought that was an interesting item. Today, while I was scanning the newly designed index of the s/s board I saw that same post from Max and took a look at them again and my responding post. I was surprised to see a new addition to the post thread that was dated TODAY 10/18/03 and that showed Scott R. as the poster. I was curious that Scott R has entered a post there today and clicked on the photo link he posted that gave no clue other than 'foto' what they might contain and found there a series of x-ray images, some of which are sexually graphic - I would say quite obviously pornographic - images. I am shocked and VERY angry about this.
Has anyone else seen these? Is this legal? The post that you MAY be reading now will undoubtedly be deleted by the webmaster but I do hope that some of you will see this and respond to this while I decide what I want to do. I must ask you all: who is Scott R. really?? I will try to reach several of you otherwise if this gets deleted

Re: Moderator or Scott R

marie on 10/19/03 at 08:27 (134656)

Here is the URL. It is inapropriate for this site. Please consider deleting it.


Re: porno at HS.com by Scott R??

Scott R on 10/19/03 at 09:13 (134659)

hi dorothy and marie....i actually was the one who posted the porno link....i was looking for a graphic that was close to the one someone had requested, that of x-ray eating...the closest i found was the almost-tongue-touching....in my haste, i had not seen all the other images that were porno beneath the one i meant to link to. sorry

Re: Foot Pain Questions - John H., Marie, Wendy, please!

wendyn on 10/19/03 at 10:23 (134662)

Hi Dorothy. I have not really been on the board for a few days (Thank God) - but it appears Scott answered your question below.