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post tib tendonitis?

Posted by pallifrone on 10/19/03 at 19:59 (134698)

dr z, dr davis, dr wander,

Could you please tell me the symptoms of post tib tendonitis? i have localized pain in the left foot of the inner ankle. No numbness tingling or shooting pains are present just localized pain. I can actually pinpoint the area , which is located just below the inner ankle bone in the soft tissue area. Any clue on what this could be and recommended treatments? Thank you for your time and courtesy.

Ed Pallifrone

Re: post tib tendonitis?

Dr. Z on 10/19/03 at 20:16 (134705)

Pain on the inside of the ankle. Swelling. limping. Arch flattening.
Pain where the tendon inserts into the side fo the arch area this is the navicular bone.

Re: post tib tendonitis?

not a doctor on 10/21/03 at 12:41 (134808)

Hello, I'm not a doctor but what Dr. Z describes is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. I'm not sure why he did'nt answer your second question regarding treatment. I'm not completely clear on the difference between posterior tibial tendonitis and 1st stage posterior tibial tendon dysfuction or how one would differentiate. However, 'arch flattening. Swelling. Limping.' are symptoms of PTTD. PTTD, by all acounts is a progressive and potentially disabling disorder. Perhaps the doctors could comment further.

It is my impression that in general PTTD is not emphasized enough nor treated seriously enough to catch beginning cases before they progress to the more dramatic scenarios. This may be a good opportunity to really help someone before their life changes for the worse.

Re: post tib tendonitis?

Richard, C.Ped on 10/21/03 at 15:03 (134830)

a supportive orthosis usually takes the care of the pain.

Re: post tib tendonitis?

pallifrone on 10/21/03 at 17:32 (134846)


Rigid or soft orthotics for Post tib tendonitis?