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Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Posted by Kathy L on 10/20/03 at 12:04 (134732)

I'm hoping more people will try these supplements and report back.

On 8/9 and 9/2 I submitted a post on supplements which I thought were helping my PF. For six months I had been suffering from PF and leg pains. It was so bad I had stopped all walking unless absolutely necessary, and no exercise. I could no longer wear sandals, and I wore gel pads even in my slippers. I had been trying rest, ice, stretching, good shoes, and a iontophoresis cortisone treatment from my physical therapist.
In July I scheduled an unrelated surgery, and my surgeon had me taking Vit. C, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q-10, L-Carnitine, MSM for 2 weeks prior to surgery. My plantar fasciitis kind of became my lower priority, and so I was a bit surprised when, after 2 weeks of these supplements, my heel pain was gone, entirely.
For 3 days following surgery, I wasn't taking the supplements, and I noticed a slight pain returning in my heel. I didn't know how I'd determine which supplement had helped me, or whether one or more of the supplements were possibly masking the pain. I'm just one person, and there is no way I could do adequate scientific testing by taking the supplements one at a time to try and figure this out. Additionally, I wasn't going to do 'bad' things to make it worse so that I could test again... 6 months of pain was enough and I didn't want to go backwards. So I decided the best I could do is split the 6 supplements in half, take three of them for a week, and see what happened, then switch to the other three. So a week after surgery, I started Vit C, Zinc, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, and took them for over a week. My very light pain did not go away. Then I stopped those three and started taking Coenzyme Q-10, MSM, and L-Carnitine. Within a couple of days I could tell a DIFFERENCE! It got better again. So I searched the internet for what these three supplements do. L-Carnitine is for fat metabolism and it probably has nothing to do with it. Coenzyme Q10 is used by cells to produce energy needed for cell growth and maintenance; could be helping. MSM, methyl-sulfonyl-methane, 'takes out the inflammation, permits the muscles to heal and prevents them from becoming sore', according to what I found at http://www.cybervitamins.com/msminfo.htm . WOW! It recommends taking MSM with Vit. C.

So I decided to switch to taking MSM, Vit. C, and Co Q-10. Today my doses are much lower, and I am doing SUPER! I just got off the treadmill for a half hour, no pain whatsoever. I'm convinced that these supplements and rest have helped my body heal.

I'm hoping more will try these two supplements, MSM and Coenzyme Q10, and let us know the results. I'd love to hear that it helps someone else, and thank you to the few who are trying them. .

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Aly on 10/20/03 at 12:56 (134735)

I forgot to post about this experiment...
I was taking the Vit C (6000mg/day) and MSM (6000mg/day) in 3 doses daily, for about a month. I think it helped a little with recovery when I'd overdone it, but alas no major effect. Maybe I should try combining with Coenzyme Q10...

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Ersten on 10/21/03 at 16:16 (134836)

Kathy and Aly,

I've been suffering a moderate case of PF for a little over two years, with more pain in my left heel than my right.

I went to a Fall festival in Walnut Creek, CA, this past Sunday and visited a booth that was selling MSM Pain Relief Gel (http://www.msmpaingel.com/default.asp?id=173482 is the website). I put some sample gel on my left heel and felt an almost immediate lessening of pain. My 13-year old daughter said that it was 'all in my head'! Anyway, I applied a second coating a few minutes later, and walked away to visit other vendors. I thought about going back to the MSM booth, but I thought that since I already had their website, and the vendor assured me that the applications' effect will last from 8 hours to 18 hours, I would go home, and see if I would awaken the next morning with PF pain as usual. To my surprise, my left foot was almost pain free, about 14 hours after applying the gel.

I have since convinced two other office employees who have various pain ailments to join me in purchasing the MSM gel at a quantity discount.

I can only surmise from your posts that you are taking MSM orally. According to the vendor, the gel specifically targets the pain area, so it should be more effective than the oral form. This website also sells oral-type MSM in flake form. They guarantee that all their MSM products are 99%+ pure, so you may want to check your product's purity.

My MSM should arrive by Monday. I'll keep you posted.


Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Aly on 10/21/03 at 16:21 (134838)

Hmmm, interesting! Do keep us posted...

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Ron B on 10/21/03 at 19:38 (134862)

I started taking MSN and Vit. C today. will see what happens

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy L on 10/22/03 at 12:57 (134997)

This is interesting! Since MSM is a derivative of DMSO, perhaps one of it's attributes is that it can work like DMSO in absorbing through the skin, without the horrible smell. I think this is cool! The MSM website I've mentioned early says MSM works better by taking Vit. C. with it, which I have been doing.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy L on 10/22/03 at 13:08 (134998)

I didn't look back at many of your other posts, you may have answered this earlier. What sort of daily activity do you do with your foot? Are you giving it rest? You talk about 'overdoing' it. I was thinking about this, and one thing I did, was cut back just about everything except absolutely necessary walking... to allow it to heal. After all, if you break a bone, you put it in a cast and wait for it to heal. I gave myself plenty of time after results with MSM to not return to strong exercise movements, as I felt that could re-injure, and that would be stupid. But I'm slowly beginning now, being sure I don't overdo it. If it takes another 6 months to prevent injury, then I just have to be carefull for 6 months. My hard lesson was that this is not a simple finger cut. Yes, it is terribly aggrivating that I didn't run, I didn't go unnecessarily shopping, I cut back my gardening, lots of things I dearly wanted to do. But if that's what it takes, it's been worth it.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Aly on 10/22/03 at 13:14 (134999)

Hi Kathy,

Unfortunately I can't cut back more than I already have; I actually spend most (I aim for all) of my free time in a wheelchair. I don't use the wheelchair at work, as I have an office job, but from time to time I have a very busy day that lends itself to jumping out of my chair to go attend to something. If my feet have been feeling good, I seem to forget them and respond to every impulse to get out of my chair. That is, until they start to freak out, and by then it's too late.

I'm lucky that I live with someone who's been willing to take on the foot-intensive stuff; he does the cooking, the food shopping and the laundry (we don't have our own w/d). Without him, I can only imagine the condition I'd be in...

Good luck with the exercising - I miss that! Keep me posted as to how it's going! :)


Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Jim H on 10/22/03 at 15:11 (135009)

Hi Kathy, Aly et al!

I just saw your message on your experiment with Coenzyme Q10, Vit C and MSM. Could you tell me what dosage you were taking for each of these? I am taking some (2400 mg) and Vit C (about 5000 mg). now. Once I know the quantities you're taking a day I'll get some and try it also.

The message about MSM cream also is very encouraging. I'll see if I can get some of that also.

Thanks for doing the experiment and the message. Once I get the dosage I'll try it and keep you posted.


Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

heather on 10/22/03 at 22:54 (135097)

dont you think your surgery had something to do with the fact your pain went away?

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

wendyn on 10/23/03 at 07:16 (135110)

I doubt it, since it says 'unrelated surgery'.

Perhaps if you had your elbow operated on, your feet could improve...but more than likely - not.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy G on 10/23/03 at 09:36 (135132)

Due to Kathy L's post and other information I've read about MSM, I bought some this week and this is my third day taking 1,000 mgs. No results yet but I'll keep everyone posted.

I'm reticent about the Coenzyme 10 as it seems to get mixed reviews as to side effects and I'm very skeptical about natural supplements as there is no government standard they have to meet. I bought my MSM at Costco because their brands seem to get high ratings from Consumer Reports as to pureness, etc. They, unfortunately, don't have their own brand of Coenzyme 10.

It's getting ridiculous. It takes me five minutes to take all the stupid supplements I take. And it's not like I'm a walking picture of health! But I keep on trying!8-}

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Aly on 10/23/03 at 11:44 (135154)

Hi Kathy,

Can you tell me what you've heard about the potential side effects from Coenzyme Q10? I was thinking of trying it...

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Ersten on 10/23/03 at 13:48 (135165)

Check out this website regarding the purity of MSM, and how to find out if the particular product you are using is the optimal type of MSM:


It may be that, just like vitamin E (the natural type is 'd-alpha....', vice 'dl-alpha....' for the synthetic type), the body reacts differently to different formulations of MSM.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy L on 10/23/03 at 20:19 (135203)

I was taking Coenzyme Q10 because my plastic surgeon told me to take it. His preoperative check list said this about Coenzyme Q10: '100mg in biosolv or gelcap form, twice daily. This is an immune booster, anti-oxidant, heart protectant, and promotes healing. It has no harmful side effects.' I wasn't in a position to question his knowledge base, he said take it two weeks prior to surgery... I jumped and did what he said.

His notes about the use of Alpha Lipoic Acid were '100mg twice daily. This is a powerful antioxidant and promotes healing.'

His notes about MSM: '1000mg tablet twice a day. This is a natural form of organic sulfur and an antioxidant, and has a great effect on growing hair, nails, and skin. It improves skin elasticity and thickness. MSM detoxifies the body, increases blood circulation, and reduces inflamation.'

I feel I was a lucky person. Never would I have found these supplements or known to try them on my own. I've forgotten to take them for 3 days... and that's fine if I'm not having pain. I better go take them now.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy L on 10/23/03 at 20:20 (135204)

My surgery was unrelated to my leg or foot. My surgery was upper body.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy L on 10/23/03 at 20:24 (135205)

I just remembered something. When I started taking the supplements before surgery, when I was in pain with my foot... it didn't dawn on me that something had happened that was giving me improvement for nearly two weeks. Actually, it was 2 days before surgery that I discovered I could stand on my tip toe on the bad leg/foot... I could never do that before. I still had very light pain, but I could tip toe. So don't expect the MSM or combination with Coenzyme Q10, Vit. C and Alpha Lipoic Acid to work withing 3 days. It was nearly 2 weeks for me.

Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

marie on 10/23/03 at 20:30 (135206)

I have been taking msm,c, magnesium, glucosamine religously for a year. I have my bad days but I can walk. I have been walking well since last spring. I will check out coenzyme q10. I think creams can be very effective as it is absorbed through the skin at the place where the problem is located. Certainly worth checking out. Please continue to keep us updated. I kept a journal for a long time but here lately I've been doing so well that I haven't been very good at keeping it.


Re: Taking MSM and Coenzyme Q10, my PF pain is gone.

Kathy L on 10/24/03 at 02:02 (135230)

Back in August I posted the amounts, but forgot I hadn't said on this post earlier.
The docter started me on:
Vit. C, 1000-2000mg, 1 or 2 times daily. Work up to this dose slowly as it may cause diarrhea.
Coenzyme Q-10, 100mg, twice daily.
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 1000mg twice a day.
Before surgery I also was taking Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg twice daily. When I tried to split apart my supplements to see the effect, I wasn't taking Alpha Lipoic Acid, but I do sometimes still take it as it is suppose to be a powerful antioxidant.
I realize, as one person, I could not be a good scientific test case, not enough time, and I couldn't repeat the testing. So, it is not possible to know exactly which supplement helped me, one or a combination.
I'm very appreciative to hear everyone's posts, and thank you all.

Re: Taking alpha lipoic acid and pregnenlone and pain is gone

doug f on 2/03/05 at 19:16 (168439)

Im 47 and had HP for 6 years and finally went to the dr. he looked over his glasses and thought I was insane for waiting so long to see a DR. ( hate DRS.) he said after 6 months its considered chronic.
I had 3 cortizone shots in a years time and finally found major relieve but the overall foot pains were still there. I must add that I was working out 5 days a week and dont work out at all now ( but soon will return) blah blah blah

to the answer to my foot pains I take 200mg Alpha lipoc acid with 50 mg of pregnenolone a day and glucosmine with fish oil and I have been completely pain free(including my hands) for 2 months. I had read a article several years ago that the AP and preg mixed procuces a natural anti-inflamitory. Most recently I have started taking co Q 10 and havent notice any help yet.

Warning read all precations b4 taking pregnenolone.