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TTS workmans comp

Posted by Faye J on 10/20/03 at 18:35 (134755)

Does anyone have any experience with filing a workmans comp claim involving Tarsal Tunnel? I'm a 52 year old woman that works for a pre-k class at school. I stand for around 6 hours a day. I'm scheduled for surgery Dec. 9th 2003. Doctor has stated that it will involve both feet, 6 months apart. Thanks Faye J.

Re: TTS workmans comp

Dr. Z on 10/20/03 at 21:15 (134776)

Did you have a specific injury that you reported at work . A fracture and or a severe ankle sprain can cause TTS. Without proper documentation it will be tough to connect the TTS and work.

Re: TTS workmans comp

stella on 10/20/03 at 21:32 (134780)

hey yes i have been battling this for over a year. I had a stress fracture in my heel. I worked retail and worked 10 hours some days with no breaks and couldnt sit!!! They say it cant be because work the company my dr says it could be related the tts! So now i have to still fight for disablity and all that. Sometimes i wish i would of lied and just said i fell because i dont recall slipping or falling at work there is no specific injury caused at work besides standing for long periods of time! i wish u luck! i am still not healed and i had surgery may 22nd

Re: TTS workmans comp

Faye J on 10/21/03 at 15:52 (134834)

I fell at work and sprain my ankle about three years ago and did have it documented, but my foot didn't really start to hurt and keep me up at night until about 18 months ago. I don't think I've had anything hurt as bad as this does, and I still have to work everyday until surgery. The doctor also stated that the surgery will take about 3 hours, that sounded like a long time to me is that normal?

Re: TTS workmans comp

marie on 10/21/03 at 19:33 (134861)


If you're in that much pain at work ask your doctor to write a note for you to be in a wheel chair for work. I know that would be tough for a pre-k group but the school is obliged to allow this. Maybe you could use the wheel chair for supplement towards the end of the day as the tts begins to hurt worse. Also you can ask for a medical leave...it's without pay but may be worth it.

best wishes marie

Re: TTS workmans comp

BOB on 10/29/03 at 21:02 (135980)

Yes im currently in a battle with work comp and my company . Im on my feet about 11-12 hours a day and deliver for UPS . There not covering it because I cant produce an injury date. Its Bull , all the doctors say its from my job. I have no other activitys or medical condition that predisposes me to such an injury. I have obtained a lawyer and have a hearing with the comp board for mediation . Its just a matter of going thru the appeal process. Theres no doubt that my job caused my condition . You have to have your doctor back you up. I just had the surgery on 10/14/03 and in recovery now .I have muscle atrophy and nerve damage, but am hopeful of a great recovery. After 14 days I have much strength and could walk on it but dont.

Re: TTS workmans comp

Faye J on 11/13/03 at 19:00 (137431)

Thanks for responding, my doctor says that anything I do while up on my feet has contributed to the TTS. And I work for a school district that would probably make it pretty hard to continue working if I filed for Workmans comp. I'm not really sure what to do about all this, would it be worth the trouble? I will be having surgery 12/09 still working everyday, but by the time I get home, thats about all I can stand. It sounds like most of the people here have not had good results with the surgery. I'm not sure that I will have any better luck.