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dr z????

Posted by stella on 10/20/03 at 20:49 (134768)

Hi i am wondering if u could help me. I had my surgery may 22nd and i am in still a lot of pain and cant walk. I went back into a plaster cast for the swelling for 3 weeks and stayed off of it. And now the dr thinks i have tts again!!! I had an MRI like a 2 months ago and it showed clear through the tunnel but swelling of my tendons. I cant walk i have lots of numbness and pain like shooting through my foot. I need help. I dont know what to do. I am taking evail and ultram. I want to take neuortrin but i can not afford it! I have tried needymeds.com and they want my tax information which will take 60 days since i sent the wrong stuff!! I dont know any ideas? I go back to my dr who did the surgery on nov 11th!!

Re: dr z????

Pauline on 10/20/03 at 21:08 (134771)

I'm not a doctor, but if I were you I'd call your doctor and go back and see him sooner than Nov. 11.

Get in ASAP and don't take no for an answer.

Re: dr z????

Dr. Z on 10/20/03 at 21:11 (134773)

Oh boy,
TTS surgery can take a very long time for healing and to see reduction in your original pain. Physical therapy using ionophoresis ( applys steriods to the area) could be very helpful with relieving some of your pain but time is really the only answer.
ICE could help you alot. There is a device called a cryo cuff. This is a boot that you place on your foot and cold water flows thru the cuff. Great for getting complete icing of the entire foot and ankle. Great for sleeping in. Try looking on the web for this. If not e-mail Dr. Z at foot.care @ verizon.net. This is my office e-mail and I will get you the place to find this wonderful device.

Re: dr z????

Dr. Z on 10/20/03 at 21:11 (134774)

that is a better then my answer. Thanks Pauline.

Re: dr z????

stella on 10/21/03 at 00:25 (134791)

thanks like i said i am in a walking boot again. But i just dont get it they are just like pushing me off. saying i should try the surgery again why would i do that if it didnt work the first time it has been 5 months now and i know it can take some time. i just am in so much pain. I have done that ionophoresis once and it left a red mark but i cant get back into pt til the end of the month