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Birkenstock German Site

Posted by john h on 10/21/03 at 13:41 (134816)

Some have requested the URL of the German Birkenstock site. As most of you know the prices are near 50% of U.S prices and free shipping if you are willing to wait 5 weeks or so.


Re: Birkenstock German Site

marie on 10/21/03 at 14:14 (134821)

Wow! I'm bookmarking this one.

Re: Birkenstock German Site

DR PEPPER on 10/21/03 at 14:26 (134825)

Well john can you afford that expensive price? They call me dr.pepper and a good one at that, what a waste of money I might say, in my world the mind heals almost anything. As we all know I,am not liked very well in this wrold today,,,,,I say and speak my opions the way I want. There are some things in this wrold I dis-agree or agree with and when I dis-agree I write my words.....

Re: Birkenstock German Site

MR. PIBB on 10/21/03 at 19:15 (134857)

Go for it, Dr. Pepper.
Mr. Pibb

Re: Birkenstock German Site

marie on 10/21/03 at 19:26 (134859)

OK some of us prefer cherry coke! So scadattle!

best wishes marie

Re: Birkenstock German Site

Ron B on 10/21/03 at 19:32 (134860)

John thnaks for e-mailing me the site this morning. here is another site with arizona's from $60 to $100 they are in Oregon http://www.birkenstockexpress.com

Re: Birkenstock German Site

Suzanne D. on 10/21/03 at 20:06 (134870)

I've ordered twice from this site and have been pleased both times. In fact, the shoes I have on right now (Annapolis Birks) were ordered from there.

Suzanne :)

Re: Birkenstock German Site

John H on 10/21/03 at 20:39 (134875)

Dr Pepper & Mr. Pibb I know who you are. I have my sources.

Re: Birkenstock German Site

John H on 10/21/03 at 20:45 (134879)

Sometimes I forget I have some softbed Airizonas. I started wearing them again Sunday as I wore out my hard bed Airizonas. I had not been using them for a couple of months. Had been in my SAS with inserts. Today I was virtually pain free. I know this will pass but you take what you can get and enjoy the moment.

Re: Birkenstock German Site

Carole C in NOLA on 10/21/03 at 23:46 (134936)

Changing shoes really does help. It's easy for me to forget that when my PF isn't extremely severe.

I recently bought a new pair of NB 991's. I am still breaking them in and the skin on my feet has always been tender, so to avoid blisters I don't wear them all day or every day yet. They feel wonderful, even though they are just replacing a worn pair of 991's. They feel like I'm floating along on springy clouds. Then when I take them off, my Birkenstocks feel better than they did since I am not wearing them all day long any more either.

Like you, I know this will pass but I'll take what I can get. It seems like with PF I'm always fiddling around with shoes. At least I'm not buying quite so many now that my feet are improved.

Carole C