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To Aly

Posted by HilaryG on 10/21/03 at 14:22 (134823)

Hi Aly- I've been wondering how you're doing with the ART treatments. Are you still going? Whant's going on? Please feel free to email me anytime (email removed). I'd love to keep in touch about how you're doing. Hilary

Re: To Aly

Aly on 10/21/03 at 14:38 (134826)

Hello there Hilary,

How are you doing? I'll reply to you here so that others can follow my progress if they're interested. :)

I have my 7th appointment this Thursday, but since I went twice a week at first, I'm only actually in week 4. (Started ART on 9/26.) It's no where near as painful a treatment as it was on my first 2 visits, but I haven't seen major improvement aside from that yet. I'm not concerned about that - I'm holding out for the 8-10 week mark before worrying about results!

I had a setback last week, with 2 days in a row of really overdoing it, but the ART did bring some relief from the flare-up. It feels a bit better to walk in general (like my feet are looser / more relaxed / more supportive - it's hard to describe to people) but that hasn't translated to a lot more time on my feet yet. I think that maybe I've gained a couple of minutes, but it's hard to tell. So, nothing breath-taking is happening, but I am upbeat and still positive about the outcome.

I may end up switching providers - mine is putting a lot of pressure on me to show improvement. Kind of weird, I'm used to being the one demanding results from my doctors! He doesn't have experience with chronic PF, so it's an education for him in any case, but I'm always feeling the need to apologize for my lack of improvement. I sense that he may 'drop' me if nothing changes soon/tell me to try something else, so I am lining up another provider just in case that happens.

So that's where I'm at, at week 4. I'll update again in week 6 - hopefully I'll have more to report.

Thanks for asking :)


Re: To Aly

marie on 10/21/03 at 18:49 (134855)

I hope it works out for you Aly. How can they expect 4 treatments to cure a condition that probably took years to create? Just keep telling them the truth.

best wishes marie

Re: To Aly

HilaryG on 10/21/03 at 20:04 (134868)

Aly- I would not expect you to be better yet. I honestly don't know how you could stand to go twice a week, since I have more pain for at least 4 or 5 days after a treatment. I'm just glad you are sticking with it (whether with this provider or a new one). Please keep us posted. Hilary

Re: To Aly

Bonnie on 10/21/03 at 22:48 (134932)

I had 5 ART Rxs and am deciding whether to continue. My feet hurt really bad for days after the last rx. Now my tech says to expect 6 to 9 months, 2x a week. MY insurance doesn't cover and it's $40 session. It would be worthwhile if it actually worked...... Isn't it odd when providers want results? It's like they don't believe you when you tell them there's no improvement.

Re: To Aly

HilaryG on 10/22/03 at 00:44 (134944)

Hi Bonnie- Please remember that it took at least 7 wks of treatment before I felt any improvement. And I also felt much worse after my treatments until 7 wks. Usually I was also black & blue after a treatment. Even now I am in worse pain for a few days after a treatment and sometimes black & blue (but now I only have to go once every few wks). It's your life and your body and you have to do what's best for you, but I had PF in both feet for a long time and ART is the only thing that worked (however I must admit I didn't try ESWT). Please keep in touch and let us now how you are doing. Hilary

Re: To Aly

Aly on 10/22/03 at 07:56 (134958)

Hi Hilary - Actually, I took a Aleve on the day before and day of my appointments - that's how I could handle it! I did that because my first appointment was excruciating - thank goodness I'm over that stage!

Re: To Aly

Aly on 10/22/03 at 08:01 (134959)

Thanks Marie.

It is frustrating! But it's good practice for me - I'm always worried about pleasing people, so it's good for me to have to concentrate on what I need and ignore my inclination to feel guilty for not healing at his timetable. Like I said, it's really just ignorance on his part, which is why I've stuck it out with him so far. If he's going to treat people with PF he needs to learn how long it can take to get results...

Re: To Aly

Aly on 10/22/03 at 08:06 (134960)

Hi Bonnie,

Hang in there! You might try taking Ibuprofen or Aleve on the day of your appoinment and the day following. That's helped me a lot. I also ice as needed, but you're probably already doing that.

My guy always asks, So how does that feel? Right after he's worked on a foot. Hello, it's SORE! The only case of PF he treated was not chronic and the person was cured after 2 visits. That doesn't even count as being PF in my world!

One good note, my last 2 appointments my feet hurt more going in than coming out - that's something at least!