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Suggestions for post surgerical duldrums?

Posted by lee on 10/21/03 at 15:40 (134833)

Last Friday I had fairly extensive surgery to remodel my subtalar joint. My foot is in a cast and I'm sentenced to the couch with my foot above my heart for the next four weeks. I have my laptop and some books, but already I'm starting to lose my mind. Any thoughts on how one survives this period of confinement?

Re: Suggestions for post surgerical duldrums?

nancy s. on 10/21/03 at 16:20 (134837)

hi, lee: the kind of confinement you describe is very difficult, i know. i ultimately did not have any surgery on my feet, but i did go through a lengthy (three-month-plus) rest period during which i basically confined myself to getting up to go to the bathroom -- which may mean i was more mobile than you are at the moment.

i encourage you to (1) listen to music *daily* that gives you a kick or uplifts you -- it sounds small, but it can be more helpful than you might imagine; (2) take up something new and engaging that's possible during this sedentary period -- drawing? painting? writing in a journal? ; (3) possibly listen to radio instead of watching too much tv, which can be numbing; (4) maybe most important of all, do everything you can to keep from becoming isolated: invite people over to visit -- often! -- even though you're lying down; keep in touch by phone and email and these message boards; keep your relationships going even though you can't go out.

people who have actually been through the surgery recovery period can add more, i'm sure, but i hope this helps. i wish i'd done more of these things myself!

best of luck to you,


Re: Suggestions for post surgerical duldrums?

Pauline on 10/21/03 at 16:37 (134841)

Nancy has provided you with great suggestions. I'd like to add one of my own. I find it helpful to turn your thoughts to someone else.

If you have a chance call your local senior center and see if you can help make phone calls to shut in senior citizens. Each center has their own name for this job. It's something you can easily do from your couch on daily basis if needed.

You'll be surprised how much a friendly phone call means to a lonely senior and you'll be more surprised how much pleasure you'll receive back from your act of kindness.

Re: Suggestions for post surgerical duldrums?

marie on 10/22/03 at 16:44 (135027)

If you have a digital camera you can take some photos and upload them at shutterfly.com and share with your friends via email.