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Plantar Faciitis

Posted by RobF on 10/21/03 at 19:18 (134858)

My 13 year old son is 5'10' 210lbs. He has been suffering with PF for over 2years. We went through several Ortho doctors who recommended stretching. We finally saw a Podiatrist. He gave my son Cortizone injections in both feet and gave him night splints. He has been wearing the splints for 3 months and although we have seen some improvement, he still has pain (to the point that he crawls around the house). We have been told that there are some new surgical proceedures that aren't as invasive as they once were. He is very active (Football, Basketball, and Baseball) do you have any suggestions for therapy during his up-coming basketball season.

Anything you can share would be great. thanks RobF

Re: Plantar Faciitis RUPTURE

SHELBY F on 10/21/03 at 20:44 (134878)


Re: Plantar Faciitis RUPTURE

dr ben pearl on 10/22/03 at 04:24 (134952)

I would try orthotics and physical therapy first

Re: Plantar Faciitis RUPTURE

RobF on 10/22/03 at 09:38 (134973)

I neglected to mention that he has had two differnt types of orthotics. Heel cups and arch supports. Neither have helped very much. Our doctor seems to be stearing away from PT. I am not sure why.

Re: Plantar Faciitis RUPTURE

Rick R on 10/22/03 at 11:28 (134986)


Have you tried taping? It's a more aggressive form of arch support than orthotics and can be used in conjunction with orthotics. Wow, at 13, darn it all. I think stretching is a key but I'm not sure how to start. Back when I was crawling around I couldn't stretch a lick without making things much worse. My road to recovery was made out of duct tape. I'd be looking for a second opinion. For what it's worth, when I was around 30 my Dr. said I was too young to start using cortizone on. He suggested I'd be needing to save that option for my geezer years. Could be that time.


Re: Plantar Faciitis RUPTURE

RobF on 10/23/03 at 12:57 (135161)


We plan to try the suggested taping on the site for basketball this year. We are looking for a second opinion at this point. The current doctor just released my son and has said come back if he gets worse. I think he is already worse!! Thanks for the support.


Re: Plantar Faciitis RUPTURE

john k on 10/23/03 at 21:05 (135208)

Maybe he should lay off the vigorous sports until this thing heals.

john k