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Post ESWT - pain returns

Posted by Rose on 10/21/03 at 20:41 (134877)

I have had ESWT twice - each foot over the past year. Last treatment in June. I was very satisfied with the results, getting about 90% improvement in one foot and about 80 in the other. Standng became easier and walking has improved to the point where I could walk a few blocks without any strain. Approximately two weeks ago I walked a bit more than usual and since then my feet have been sore and I am beginning to get that old familiar morning shuffle. Each day it seems to get a little worse. The outside of my legs are very sore and I am conscious of my feet once again. I am wondering if this is it and I am now starting the pain cycle all over again , or are there regressions like this after one has done so well for months. Any suggestions from anyone who has had similar experiences would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Post ESWT - pain returns

Molly H on 10/21/03 at 23:11 (134933)

Hi Rose~
I have had ESWT only once (May 2003) and I am scheduled again for November. My right foot was 90% better my left only @ 50% better until a month ago. Now my right foot is as bad as my left again. Dr. Z thinks it could be from too much stretching. I am not sure that is the case.(Which I know is hard to figure out without an exam.) BUt, I don't know what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Post ESWT - pain returns

Pauline on 10/22/03 at 07:28 (134955)

I've not had ESWT, but I've had P.F. return 3 times. My suggestion would be to immediately go back to the basics. Ice, rest and I find taping helps because it supplies some support. I think you can probably use taping even if your using orthotics. At least you could try it and see.

Personally I think P.F. can pop up and any time whether you have had ESWT or not and our best defence is to go back to basics immediately.

I'd also call the doctor that treated you with ESWT and let him know what is going on. The earlier you act, you may get faster relief.

Unfortunately no guarantee comes with ESWT, it's a nice tool to have in treating P.F., but it too may fall short of ones expectation to be completely pain free.

Re: Post ESWT - pain returns

Dr. Z on 10/22/03 at 11:36 (134988)

Pauline makes so very good immediate actions to take. What I have found is that alot of times it isn't the pf coming back it is a new injury from using your foot more . There are three different plantar fascia bands. The medial, central , and lateral band. Usually ESWT is use to treat the medial band. You may have pain and or problems with the other two pf bands. Time to call your ESWT doctor and have him examine you asap

Re: Post ESWT - pain returns

Shane S. on 10/23/03 at 22:55 (135221)

Hi Everyone & Dr. Z.

I have had 2 ESWT Treatment from Dr. Z. My Last one was approximately 1 year ago. I have had tremendous success with the treatments, but now I am starting to get a little more pain than usual. I have already talked to Dr. Z about a third treatment and he suggests that I get it done. Personally, I haven't experience ESWT to be a miracle cure, but It has tremendously helped me - Considering the pain that I used to be in! From being almost sedentary over 2 years ago because of the pain - I have been exercising moderately over the last couple of years, enjoying boxing class and even walking - which I couldn't do in the past. I definately support ESWT and will get another (third and hopefully final!) treatment in the next couple months. I'll look forward to seeing you again, Dr. z.

Las Vegas